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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Today, after the garden tour I chat with you about Shade Tips for 100 degree temps. This week is forecasted to be triple digits every day, with Wednesday at 111°. Many of us are quick to feel like garden failures when our “full sun” plants begin to struggle and sometimes die when the temperatures get this high. In AZ particularly our daytime temperatures don’t peak until 4-5pm. This does not allow for much cool down in the evening or at night. This week’s overnight temps will be in the mid 70s, however as the 100°+ days continue the overnight temps will be in the 80s and sometimes the 90s. Therefore, “full sun” plants in Arizona need a different approach. In this video I explain what “full sun” really means time wise in our low desert gardens. Plus I share with you 3 different ideas for how you can shade your garden. I mention an article I read specific to desert gardening about microclimates, that I encourage you to read. The title is “Creating Microclimates for the Desert Summer” and you can find it here: #ShadeForVegetableGarden #GardenShadeIdeas #ArizonaGardeningTips #ShadeClothForVegetables #WhatDoesFullSunMean #GrowFoodFromSeedAZ #HowToGardenInArizona #ArizonaGarden #GrowYourOwnFood #ArizonaBackyardGarden #UrbanGarden #CityGarden #ContainerGardening #Permaculture #DesertGardening #RaisedBeds Video Rating: / 5


  • The Naked Gardener 10 months ago

    I installed a 40% shade fabric this weekend. I learned from last year to make sure the plants are getting direct UV rays or it will cause them to stop producing flowers and fruit and drop their flowers.

  • Team Benson 10 months ago

    Love your videos heading out to my garden to make a few changes

  • Abby Lopez 10 months ago


  • Abby Lopez 10 months ago

    so glad you made this video because I was just having this discussion with my husband earlier today! very helpful! thank you!

  • BEARFRUIT GARDENING 10 months ago

    Everything is attaching to each other….wonder if you will have a cucumber watermelon? Just sayin…lol So I noticed your tomato plants are have leaf curl as well. What are your thoughts?

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