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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote It’s over 100 degrees today in early May! This is how I shade young tropicals their first year. Below are links if you want to find the same products: Blue Hawk Steel Rebar Pins – Easyshade 40% Sunscreen Black Shade Cloth UV Fabric – LimoStudio Spring Clamp – Video Rating: / 5


  • Franswa 1 year ago

    Very cool technique ,thank you for sharing! I have a question for you, how often do you water your trees during the summer? I have asked you before your schedule for the winter but I would love to know your summer schedule,( I use to water everything a little bit everyday but I no longer think that's a good idea for me, and I believe you don't do that either) thank you so very much.

  • Mary Marchbanks 1 year ago

    Did you glue the t post together so it won't come loos in the wind?

  • Mary Marchbanks 1 year ago

    Nice. Noticed the bamboo wall. Was thar easy to put in? Is that to block west sun when it goes down at night? Looks great.

  • AS U 1 year ago

    As always great video and channel: I've always learned new things! Thank you!

  • Topper Aussie 1 year ago

    Just use cable ties instead of the clamps

  • You know why 1 year ago

    great video. will definitely use the same idea for frost protection. Thanks

  • S Heus 1 year ago

    Thank you for this! I have several subtropicals I’ve planted this spring that need some shade protection. This helps so much!!

  • Emmanuel Méndez Martínez 1 year ago

    I always get amazed when i see tropical plants surviving in not tropical places

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