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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I took a trip to The Plant Stand of Arizona. This is one of my favorite nurseries! Not sure what my camera was doing but I hope you enjoy! Video Rating: / 5


  • JAZZY RAZZI 8 months ago

    ok I found it!!! lol

  • Erica Woodland 8 months ago

    I would have bought sooooo many! Awesome variety. I never see variety like that.

  • Catherine Kasiewicz 8 months ago

    Such a great place! Nothing like that near me. All those gorgeous pots!

  • Lucas Guillemette 8 months ago

    That cactus flower looks like a Pokemon lol

  • SandyK 8 months ago

    Those are staghorn ferns. They are beautiful!!

  • Taylor Boyd 8 months ago

    You go to fast can't really see some of the plants

  • rheasparrow1 8 months ago

    <3 <3 <3 those philodendrons!

  • rheasparrow1 8 months ago

    wow!!!! those pots are incredible!

  • Plantstherapy101 Thompson 8 months ago

    Wow! Great pots for affordable prices..I wish was was there now i can use a few pots

  • Bracer Cayman 8 months ago

    Great job, love your videos. Just go slower.

  • Robbie Gordon 8 months ago


  • Pond and garden sanctuary 8 months ago

    Very nice info to compare prices What an awesome nursery!

  • Noelle 8 months ago

    Absolutely loved this video, so lucky to have such an assortment of plants.

  • CrystalRenèe 420 8 months ago

    Great video I was planning a trip there soon looks like I need to head over there cause they have some great stuff.

  • Betty Asuzet 8 months ago

    Any other plant nursery you may know about in Arizona ?

  • Emiley Rivera 8 months ago

    I love all your videos. I wish you could get me an obovota and I would pay for it.

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