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  • milkyoongi 3 months ago

    i love how the cameraman isnt trying to hide the fact their bias is seyoon bhfjbhjfj

  • baka suga 3 months ago

    go to 2:09 , you can thank me later 😉

  • Mica Chu 3 months ago

    what is playback near that performance?

  • ノラちゃんねる 3 months ago

    So much talent! So little pants..

  • Zainab Rahaman 3 months ago

    i want them to choke me with their thighs bye

  • Shemara Fontes 3 months ago

    they invented shorts ❤

  • Dongie 3 months ago

    i love their tights omg

  • Becca Bear ʕ •ᴥ• ʔ 3 months ago

    Can we please start the hashtag #pantsforace2017 ? I feel bad, lol. Also, what are all of their names? I only know Jason and I think one of them is Jun? Thanks for the help! ☺️

  • Widowmaker 3 months ago

    the intro really sounds like an anime opening or a japanese game intro or smthing xD

  • ElifSena 3 months ago

    People, ACE just debuted and people are already complaining that othef people are sleeping on them. It is not even 1 month ago, have patience. They wikl get big


  • Juna Lee 이주나 3 months ago

    Keep fighting!
    Choices will stay with you~사랑해요

  • lux senpaii 3 months ago

    They be digging that shorts

  • Tanisha m 3 months ago

    My husbands

  • OCTOPUFF IN KUMQUAT 3 months ago

    L E G B O Y S

  • slayeon 3 months ago


  • Tiffany Sanes 3 months ago

    you guys got a new fan OwO

  • Bittie's Pudding 3 months ago

    I hope that they would be recognized soon!!! They're really talented

  • Selene Van Der Nix 3 months ago

    That breathing at the end was so hot

  • Катя Соколова 3 months ago

    Можно их в Россию, пожалуйста?

  • chungbiumg829 3 months ago

    I think Donghun who is my next focus.

  • ofwgkta gang 3 months ago

    minute I saw them I was like "yep, it's a kpop group"

  • Sahar Momand 3 months ago

    never seen this before wouw

  • Just_a_Kpop_addict _ 3 months ago

    <——— This image perfectly describes my reaction to this video

  • Cecile G 3 months ago

    This is one of the best choreographies I've seen from any Rookie group ever. I'm getting into them!

  • Rafiza Rahman 3 months ago


  • Pandacorns 3 months ago

    I could not stop worrying about their necks xD

  • FoxJung 3 months ago

    jason looks so cute omfg

  • Manuh #V 3 months ago


  • Olya Winner 3 months ago

    they can instagram

  • Edu B. Rojas 3 months ago

    Estos grupos salvo dos o tres son todos iguales. Clones 100%

  • Mücahit İbrahim Demirci 3 months ago

    siz harika bir detaysınız

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