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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote It is originally a super hit Bengali Basic BAND song of CACTUS on Romantic mood. Lyricist, as well as music composer of this song, is CACTUS who had composed this evergreen hit song for their own super hit Bengali PUJA ALBUM ” CACTUS” released in 2002. Now we are presenting this super hit sentimental song as a lyrical video to sing along and to make it more attractive with suitable colorful pictures to depict the mood and theme of this song. Hope you will like the new form of music video. Shudhu Tumi Ele Na শুধু তুমি এলে না Artiste : Cactus Music Director : Cactus Lyricist : Cactus Album : Cactus Label :: Saregama India Ltd For more videos log on & subscribe to our channel : Facebook :: Twitter :: Google+ :: Video Rating: / 5 Insane 1v1 with Truth Behind The Lies. MAINE: Please remember to subscribe as I’m planning on grinding content REALLY HARD! Roblox:… Roblox Group:… Discord: Donate: Thanks to YOU for watching! Video Rating: / 5


  • _ dave 2 weeks ago

    this is not Cactus, how do i get rid of this garbage?!

  • Smritam Rana Pradhan 2 weeks ago

    কোথায় চলে গেল সেই দিনগুলো।

  • Rajashree Roy 2 weeks ago

    Purono din gulo advut sundor..

  • Abhijit Dey 2 weeks ago

    সত্যি কথা ছিলো তো???? বলো

  • Payal Payal 2 weeks ago


  • Snehanshu Ganguli 2 weeks ago

    রেশ ধরিয়ে রাখা কাকে বলে ক্যাকটাস ই শিখিয়েছে

  • Sashanka Kundu 2 weeks ago

    অপেক্ষায় করে গেলাম। শরীর খারাপ করলাম। মন হারালাম। শুধু তুমি এলে না।

  • REAL FACTS 2 weeks ago

    অনেক দিন বাদে গান টা শুনে কিছু মনে পড়ে গেলো

  • Isan Saha 2 weeks ago

    Cactus abar fire asuk

  • Rinku Das 2 weeks ago

    Nice song

  • Tanmoy Mondal 2 weeks ago

    Aakta kothai bolbo kara j ei gaan gulo dislike kore jani na…

  • Mahfuz Alam 2 weeks ago

    কথা ছিলো একদিন,,,,,,(২২:০৪:২০২০)

  • Sk Asif 2 weeks ago

    Kokhono purano na howa ei gaan gulo chirokali amar Dairy te theke jabe…

  • ajay das 2 weeks ago

    Sei somoy aha cactus er gaan radio te bajto …. Sei somoy kono din r asbe na

  • ÜEP Tech 2 weeks ago

    2020 theke sun6i. Ata amar choto balar gan

  • kamini saha roy 2 weeks ago

    আর এসে কাজ নেই

  • PushButt 2 weeks ago

    Proof Cactus is a God: PLAYING WITH 500-1000 PING

  • Kenjiop Pham 2 weeks ago
  • Mr Qjb 2 weeks ago

    Arsenal ban me for fighting admin

  • Vigrex352 2 weeks ago


  • YX_CLE 2 weeks ago

    tanqR the best but cactus good too;)

  • Nappinggaming 2 weeks ago

    The most hard match more like a normal 1v1 match with him just destroying truth

  • DA CAR BOSS 2 weeks ago

    1v1 tanqr and him now 😛

  • poop sicle 2 weeks ago


  • mo leach 2 weeks ago

    Nice try truth nice win cactus

  • NafanO TranO 2 weeks ago

    Who wants cactus to vs Tanqr or castlers?

  • veelush vee 2 weeks ago

    1:09 Slimey be like: Yeah hes fake for sure

  • Uchobob Ucho-nova 2 weeks ago

    1v1 pls castlers vs you

  • SWSE Bailey 2 weeks ago

    imagine cactus 1v1ing fusion boys LOL

  • Shans_ Production 2 weeks ago

    U remember me? I met u today and tysm for making my day 😀

  • Dr.A Al 2 weeks ago

    Hey cactus 1v1 gamer Ali he is super good

  • Kennx HzBautista 2 weeks ago

    Hey cactus fight tanqr

  • MrBeanCartoons 2 weeks ago

    Sup Sweat

  • FrxdRBLX 2 weeks ago

    What is ur sensitivity?

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