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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Kaye shares Part 2 of her recent garden hop in Phoenix, Arizona, Side Yard Farm food forest. Download a FREE ebook at BECOME A PATRON! Order Botanical Interests seeds at her affiliate link: Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound. Sound editor, Christina Horgan. “Late Bloomer” follows Kaye’s journey to grow food in her Los Angeles front yard and exists to inspire anyone to grow their own food. Kaye’s vlog covers gardens, travel, adventure, and interesting people. Please share! Comments welcome. Thanks for all your support! – Kaye Join me on your favorite social media sites: @latebloomershow Website: Video Rating: / 5


  • Sheryl Williams 8 months ago

    My mother in law use to ha've a huge gardenia is and the smell was so fragrant and beautiful I never see anybody growing it. It smells so sweet I wonder if it attracts pests? I'm sure the bees love it but I had wondered if maybe it attracts unwanted pests in a garden

  • Sheryl Williams 8 months ago

    Beautiful garden and so fun seeing these Arizona folks and what their doing with plants

  • Jennifer Alaniz 8 months ago

    Would love to see more Phoenix videos I am new to the area and new to gardening have a new found passion for growing food due to some health issues and want to share this passion with family and friends.

  • debbie boring 8 months ago

    I saw you on Off the Grid with Doug & Stacy so I thought I'd check out your channel. So glad when I saw you had visits here in the Phoenix. You have found several folks who are doing (farms) gardens. But each in there own way. But also with several things in common. Much good info for Valley planting.

  • Kathryn O'Donohue 8 months ago

    Oh she is soo funny! My sort of girl.

  • Jill Green 8 months ago

    Such a beautiful Garden and really cute gardener!

  • Texas Peaceful Acres Farm 8 months ago


  • Laurie Hines 8 months ago

    I"m finally getting a chance to catch up on your videos. I'm enjoying seeing all these lush green gardens in the middle of December…when I look out the window here…very little green. I think it's interesting how so many people in AZ have the concrete block fences. I wonder what the thoughts behind that are. Fencing is a must here to cut down on pests!

  • Robin Miller 8 months ago

    Yes more of these type videos please!

  • Sidda May 8 months ago

    Oh my goodness that's my grandma love you!!!

  • Delhi Gardening 8 months ago

    Hilarious moment at 12:46 "Why did you bring that gravel in…"

  • Delhi Gardening 8 months ago

    The intro was very good! She has a beautiful garden.

    There is a concept of Air Pruning (passage of air through porous container and on coming in contact with roots it trims them and forces plant to grow more and more lateral roots than getting root bound) because of which the plant grows vigorously. This is possible in case of white fabric as opposed to other one.


  • the Urban Gardener 8 months ago

    I would guess that the fabric pots being black and white would allow the heat to gather in the pot differently. The black absorbing more heat from the sun, and the white staying cooler from reflecting the heat. Plus the white pot is placed just behind the black one guarding it just a bit more from the suns heat.

  • RUNYON APPLIANCE LLC 8 months ago

    I live in Phoenix have an acre flood irrigated lawn.I want to do the deep mulch food forest. Any tips on how to contain the wood chips and mulch from floating away ? Thanks for the Phoenix area videos

  • Laura Harrald 8 months ago

    Wow! I'm in the beginning stages! I hope after two years I can have half of what you have here!

  • Kat Loveland 8 months ago

    Gorgeous!!! Super inspired to keep working on the backyard 😉

  • Barbara C 8 months ago

    Thanks for this video on this beautiful Phoenix garden. I've picked up some good ideas and tips on desert gardening. I live and garden in Tucson, AZ and am always looking for ideas to use on my very large garden here. I have a beautiful 5 acre piece and since fencing it all I'm expanding my gardens further away from the house. I'll be watching for more Arizona gardening videos.

  • Tracy Garns 8 months ago

    What a beautiful garden, Mandy! I'm so curious as to why the bok choy is growing better in the white versus black grow bags. Maybe since it likes colder temps the soil in the black bags is warmer than it likes?
    Another great video, Kaye!

  • sam yu 8 months ago

    Yes, please! I would love to see more gardening videos from Phoenix. So envious of these women who have such lush gardens year round. The calamondin is a citrus plant I would love to be able to plant as we used it all the time growing up in the Philippines. But, being in New Jersey, the change of season limits me and I've killed lemon and olive trees over the winter. Thank you, Kaye!

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