Added by on 2019-09-29

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  • Music Only 11 months ago

    Music Only SUBSCRIBE

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  • mv4334 11 months ago

    How do I pay for this song and download it? I love it man.

  • Социальный паразит 11 months ago


  • Tech Sanjeev 11 months ago

    This channel got more views and subs ….i love ur videos dude

  • 2000 Subscribers with No videos challenge 11 months ago

    In my opinion, Captain Deadbeard rules Cactus 98%

  • Piggy Tales Studio 11 months ago

    Only problem is deadbeard has a close range weapon but all cactus can do is drop PMs.

  • Damian Alonso 11 months ago

    You past a drone

  • Anime God 11 months ago

    I would camp on a hill and snipe the whole time.

  • Idiotic Tirades 11 months ago

    Wish they would just leave the town hall permanently open now.

  • This event is out again and it’s so boring.

  • chuu cute 11 months ago

    I remember in GW1 I had the fire cactus and for the arms I actually put an icecream customization because I thought it was ironic… I mean, fire cactus? Ice cream?

  • Crypt FN 11 months ago

    you have amazing accuracy,if only I can aim like that… XD

  • Sultan Attar 11 months ago

    I thought the cactus was a male character

  • pixel craft Gaming 11 months ago

    Hey a enigeneer was using the big bult blaster and I was a power cacti and I was using the drone and the enigeneer did not know

  • Callum Mitchell 11 months ago

    They are both extremely accurate

  • Oof Lord 11 months ago

    There should be a challenge called artichoke vs parrots

  • ReeseboyProductions 11 months ago

    I wish i had garden warfare 2 at the time where this event was active…..i love captain deadbeard

  • Elec Tro69420 11 months ago

    But the zen cactus's shots get stronger for the less billets u have so it's fair against captain cannon sort of

  • Plasma Gamer707 11 months ago

    On 9:34 he walked past a jade catiXD

  • Andy Price 11 months ago

    There should be a toxic cactus

  • Silas Gallentine-Kopp 11 months ago

    I know a reason its only Captain deadbeard and cacti because they both have drones

  • Mr Shellenburger 11 months ago

    hey at 9:35 he walked right past a cactus in his drone

  • Soccer Ic3 11 months ago

    9:34 there is a Jade Cactus to the left using it's garlic drone how do you miss that?

  • Aaron Cooper 11 months ago

    LUCKY 59 you was on the plants team

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