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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote A guided tour through the Singapore Botanic Gardens, renowned as one of Singapore’s major ‘natural’ tourist attractions. The Gardens are an easy walk from Orchard Road or Tanglin Road, and quite near Traders Hotel. Also included is the National Orchid Garden, which cost us S each for admission. Filmed October 24, 2012. Video Rating: / 5 We cultivate the power of plants to sustain and enrich life. Visit for more information. Video Rating: / 5


  • Figy Museum 1 week ago

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  • Wilson Philip 1 week ago

    I was there recently in Feb. Stunning botanic gardens. Just published the video on my YouTube channel.

  • Prashant Sahu 1 week ago

    Very nice

  • Mhmad Tirk 1 week ago

    It's very nice think

  • Shikh Firoz 1 week ago

    Sakh simran Mohammad firoz

  • R Paimin 1 week ago

    Not natural

  • nick Rosas 1 week ago

    Man if I was rich I would take my mother there she likes plant life

  • Emphasis Landscape&Design 1 week ago

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  • Fahrul Fahrul 1 week ago

    I likes

  • beaggyboy 1 week ago

    Aend Yea, not only that alone. Some considerably even tempered (good tempered if "Raised-In-Captivity" types) Brazilian Coatis, some exceptionally well mannered Australian Quokkas, Pademelons, evn Wallabies & certain bunny (rabbit, here meant) types too, shud be introduced here. Probably to the extent of evn some RIC Brazilian Sloths, SEA Colugos, Central-South American Squirrel & Capuchin Monkeys too, all shud be incredibly interesting additions, highly likely features that'da be well receive by all. Park residents (the animals, here meant) of the mentioned, oughtta be allowed a degree of feeding the inhabitants' with human care-givers on hand, acting for the most part as oversight to curb unwarranted abuses & regulate feeding of the animals. Such a feature, what's opened to all visiting patrons, shud make as an added incentive, aside from the animals' regular meal-staples alone. And as with in all market oriented businesses, the controlled – item specific – hand-fed intended food items are to be borne by patrons themselves. For such an experience is already an incentive in itself to all parties involved.
    But uf corz, they undoubtedly all needda be, what ?, neutered or spayed to prevent the foreseeable exponential aggregation in population in the years following. Save for only a selected few, ear-marked (figurative) or designated for the exercise of "Selective Breeding", as a fallback plan intended on replenishing animal stocks' continuing availability.

  • beaggyboy 1 week ago

    Some domesticated from birth residential Pygmy Otters shud make for a great addition to this Park of renown. How 'bout it ?

  • Kentaro Tanaka 1 week ago

    Photography of Singapore Botanic Gardens for those who want to see more:



  • InViaggioConRaf 1 week ago

    Nice work man!

  • Mohan Kumar 1 week ago


  • Fred Smith 1 week ago

    too jerky!

  • Lee Claxton 1 week ago

    You are sure right: Singapore Botanic Gardens are very peaceful. You could wander all day around there and relax to your heart's content.

  • Lee Claxton 1 week ago

    Thanks for the compliment. Glad you enjoyed the film!

  • Moe Qui 1 week ago

    saw this RECENT walkthrough of the Chi Botanic Garden during pandemic and it's still so beautiful!

    There's also info on pre registration and their safety guidelines shown. Really useful info

  • The Like Button 1 week ago

    Is drone photography allowed? I wanted to shoot scenes for an independent non-profit film project as a directorial debut. (Also shooting with standard DSLR video equipment).

  • Bri Bruno 1 week ago

    My favorite place is the 1st one shown, with the bells. I sit there cos it's so peaceful!

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