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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] A look at four native and one non-native, Florida-friendly ground cover suitable as alternatives for grass lawns. Video Rating: / 5


  • sandy STP 1 year ago

    I put in a large section of the perennial ornamental peanut, cleared out the weeds first, put in the plants, mulched and hand weeded. None the less, two years later Bahia grass, Bermuda grass, crabgrass, Dog Fennel, sedge and other weeds have invaded from below and above ground. The area is totally covered with peanut, however all these weeds/grasses have invaded. I can't keep up with hand weeding anymore. We are surrounded with undeveloped fields that used to be horse pasture prior to our development. What product(s) can I use on the peanut to control these unwanted weeds and grasses? thanks for the great video.

  • i asimov 1 year ago

    She DID say golden showers.

  • Dee D 1 year ago

    so glad I came across this channel while searching for ground cover. I have matchweed in my back yard and almost mowed it yesterday! now I want to contain it for the butterflies. can this be transplanted?

  • aimee hart 1 year ago

    i live in key west, on a canal. need a very salt tolerant, sun loving ground cover that withstands traffic. is that a possibility???

  • rrtimetables 1 year ago


    I'm up in High Springs NE Alachua County. I live on a sloping property with many Laurel Oaks and tall Pine Trees. I have a sandy loom. I am looking for a variety of plants that are hardy and can be used in place of grass.

    I have a large area for my dogs. Is there a ground cover, perhaps the Jasmine Minima work for that area? Could I use most of these suggested varieties? They all look wonderful! Thank you1

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