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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Video Rating: / 5 Landscaping ideas around garden shed Yet I put the roof on siding on the trim the doors even the door hardware so as 0:06far as I’m concerned I’m finished I think then you’ll hear from Fine Gardening has other ideas about that I can I don’t barren I think we can do 0:14some nice deer resistant low-maintenance really great plan to make the shed 0:20really finished off but I’m gonna have to call in reinforcements and send you 0:24to go build a flower box no problem I’m at the flower box for some 0:35reinforcements from Fine Gardening and we kinda have to talk about what we’re 0:39gonna need for this shed its bars 0:41requirements what they’re gonna need well the first thing we need to take 0:45into account is how much sunlight guess how much time did we get here it’s kind 0:48of the dappled shade but mostly shade situation we’re getting some Sun in the 0:52late afternoon so definitely some she plans I can say we want to think about 0:57is what kind of soil that we have here pretty poor well drained dry shade so 1:02we’re gonna need some plants also that are low-maintenance cause we’re a ways 1:05away from the house we don’t have too much water available to water the plants 1:09on a regular basis we’re also by the edge of the woods that means we probably 1:12have deer gonna look for things that are not tops on the deer’s list of preferred 1:17food we have we know that they’re really pretty much anything when they get 1:20hungry but we want something that’s not their favorite food that we’re going to 1:23head off to the nursery pick out some plans and will fill you guys […]

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