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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Small garden landscaping shouldn’t always be limited your idea to make it looks beautiful. You can create a magnificent small garden with a touch of imagination. You can create the garden by bringing serene look, thematic or colorful garden from indulged plants. Zen Gardens that are Relaxing This type of garden is commonly found in Japanese gardens; dry landscape with little vegetation where Buddhists have some meditation. Zen garden can be made from sands that represent water; rocks that represent islands; and larger rocks that represent mountains. Such garden is also commonly beautified by tiny specially trained trees called Bonsai. Colorful Garden in Mexican Style This type of garden landscaping can be made with colorful agave plants and outdoor furniture. The plants you can choose for this garden are such as the drought tolerant Parry’s agave. Besides, bougainvillea is also a great idea of plant to have colorful garden for the pink, red, purple and yellow colors of the flowers. The Mexican plant called bush sage with white and purple flowers is also a great choice to have. Such plants also can grow well on containers so you can bring them indoor in the cold winter. Building a Waterfall This idea can also create a vocal point that brings comforts and relaxing feelings in a small garden. Make a waterfall from natural stones so it looks authentic. Choose moist soil plants to plant on the waterfall sides, such as sweet flag that grows yellow green flowers in spring. Besides, you also can choose impatiens that grows colorful flowers that bloom from early summer to winter. Container or Vertical Gardens for Small Space Small space is not something that prevents you to create beautiful garden. You can use containers or planter box to grow […]


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    Amazing video!!!! I can't believe it only has 1 like 🙂 Your channel looks Amazing! I can't wait to watch your videos! Thank you so much for sharing keep up the great work! Subbed and liked!!!

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    Good ideas!

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    Some great ideas for anyone who is struggling on what to create

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    This video really helped me out thank you so much…

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    Not the front of any house in my neighborhood!

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    Making an effort just to let us learn the basic and importance of landscaping could somehow uplifts every viewer's interest. Apparently, these ideas could enable to turn your boring lawn into a very amazing looks. Great job! 

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    Your front yard is very creative and full of art! I am very sure that it will become one of the main attraction of your home. This video is recommendable and I will share it to all my colleagues! Thank you.

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    There is landscaping ideas guide on with the actual layouts you can use to fit your yard.

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    Great ideas. Making an investment into beautiful front yard landscaping is a wise choice for the design-minded homeowner.

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    Wonderful tips fro homeowners. Thanks for sharing!

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    Great little video, I loved the use of the pebbles instead of mulch or soil on that surface. Really creative.

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