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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote A small garden makeover using slab paving patio, timber raised planters, Cotswold stone chippings, and turfing a new lawn all time lapsed with some complimentary music. See me work portfolio here: Website: My private business Facebook page: Video Rating: / 5


  • BobyMystic Sky Guardian 6 months ago

    Where did all the flower and plants go???

  • Texas Angie 6 months ago

    Beautiful..Awsome job

  • p Law 6 months ago

    Should have painted the fencing

  • YouTube Channel 6 months ago

    The old lady with the white hair works hard

  • I am Chappy 6 months ago

    I was waiting for a timeplaps of the grass growing xD

  • Kathleen Small town girl 6 months ago

    Looks great. I would have painted the fence

  • Triac Rydquist 6 months ago

    Good job! Although no membrane underneath type1?
    Great vid

  • NISHAR BHATI 6 months ago

    Nice video

  • Helen Fallows 6 months ago

    Wow another video not far off half a million views you done really well with these 2 especially

  • Mana Crafts 6 months ago

    Awful slab laying! Should never lay slabs on a full bed of motar because they end up rocking/coming loose. The correct way is to put a trowl full under each corner and 1 in the middle, then they never come loose. Also they should be layed with a 10mm gap and motoar pointed with a pointing iron. This is to stop water getting in the gap, because if the water gets in the gap and freezes, it expands and will prize the slab loose. Amatures at best!

  • Queenie Botox 6 months ago

    Crikey, it's absolutely awful. Horrible landscaping and not enough planting. Plants dont need to be hard work, just pick the right ones. Sorry but that's just depressing.

  • Asphalt Ricky 6 months ago

    Sorry to be negative but…the 'before'was nicer than the 'after'. This is what happens when you let landscapers (with no knowledge of horticulture/ornamental plants) near your garden.

  • granny diamond 6 months ago

    That is gorgeous.

  • Olivier Sebastian 6 months ago

    the tiles will sink when the rain comes…it has no foundation..

  • syndi301 6 months ago

    Nice but why that wood when it rain won't it bulk up

  • Michael Mullen 6 months ago

    Lol how not to do a patio

  • Hoodoo 6 months ago

    Preferred it before.

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