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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Ever wondered how top garden designers and landscape contractors manage to transform a small dowdy garden into something wonderful? This time-lapse video, filmed in October/November 2015, shows the skill and ingenuity involved when Tully Landscapes Ltd, one of Ireland’s leading landscaping companies, got to work transforming a small garden in Dublin. The garden in the video is just 20 foot wide by 28 foot long (6.096m x 8.534m) and suffered from poor drainage. It was dominated by a 1970s vintage concrete garden shed positioned just six feet from the kitchen window. The client requested Tully Landscapes Ltd to design and construct a new garden that would have a low maintenance courtyard design, maximise the available space and deal with the drainage and water logging issue. During the initial survey one boundary wall was found to be structurally unsound and required demolition. In addition, it was decided to demolish the end wall and rebuild it incorporating a new, larger garden shed and a relocated back gate. All other existing walls were strengthened. The new garden was designed by Colin Cooney, a Landscape Architect commissioned by Tully Landscapes. The design featured three raised planter beds featuring, respectively, a Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum dissectum Garnet), a Magnolia Heaven Scent and an Olea Europea Forma Toscana (i.e. Olive tree) plus an assortment of smaller plants. The raised planter walls were faced with Donegal Quartz Stone. During construction an estimated 20 tons of soil and rubble was removed from the site. Video by Karl Martin. With sincere thanks to all the craftsmen featured, without whose co-operation this video would not have been possible. All my videos can be seen at Note: This garden is also featured on Video Rating: / 5 Video […]


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