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  • Cherish Delaney 2 weeks ago

    got your info from black gardener's keep up the great work.

  • Tammy Whatever 2 weeks ago

    I'm still watching this video but I am hoping you tell us where you buy your shade cloth and what % it is… I googled that 40% is ideal for general veggies. Please let me know where you get it! Also, those PESKY birds have been devouring my plants!! They literally destroyed my cucumbers the other day. 🙁 I thought it was a bunny, but it was birds. I bought some garden mesh from the 99 cent store, but my husband is worried that I will "catch" the welcomed lizards. Any thoughts on getting those stupid birds out of your garden?? Hugs, from Mesa, AZ

  • AlisonGrows 2 weeks ago

    I have shishito peppers this year, and they are producing. How do I know when they are ready to pick/eat?

  • Missy Grando 2 weeks ago

    That sponsorship is pretty awesome. Congratulations ahead of time for this milestone.

  • Sara Fatyukhin 2 weeks ago

    Look at your garden- it’s incredible! Love seeing the progress. The poblanos are HUGE! And such a good choice with the lavender in the hanging pots. They will smell delicious!!

  • Anita Bueno 2 weeks ago

    I always wondered how it is to grow a garden in Arizona .Except for the shade clothe ! I cant get enough sun too many cloudy windy days here in Maryland ! But I cant complain my tomatoes,peppers, blueberry raspberries strawberries and beans are doing well and many other plants I can't mention( because I am lazy and my fingers hurt)My hubby and daughter do most of the work! Compost and fertilizer is the key. I am happy to see the ideas for your little buckets herbs and lavender are the best! Squash and zucchini noodles zuddles spiral cut zucchini are great with your favorite marinara recipe or served underneath chicken parmesian or eggplant parmesian. Take Care an Be Safe!

  • Maria Jackson 2 weeks ago

    Your videos are soooo helpful, I bought the shade cloth and my squash immediately are doing much better, Thank you!

  • Lvmykds4 2 weeks ago

    Thank u for sharing how u put up ur shade cloth! My weak attempts kept getting blown off w every little wind. I’m gonna try that. Thanks! ❤️

  • Marlene Schramm 2 weeks ago

    I cannot believe that you are almost there!

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