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  • Gloria Walker 6 years ago

    I used straw and shredded paper as filler for my raised garden. ?

  • Rhonda Abrons 6 years ago

    John Kolher has his organic gardening channel, “Growing Your Greens” and
    his business is selling juicers (but never in his show).?

  • RenegadeTimes 6 years ago

    If you weren’t 2000 miles from me we’d talk friend ; ) love those walls !

  • urthebest1122 6 years ago

    Off topic, just curious, who films you in your videos?

  • Jeff Cram 6 years ago

    I live in a high crime area and grow expensive and delicate plants in my
    front yard. No one messes with it because I also keep a family of cobras
    there too.

  • OneYardRevolution 6 years ago

    Great video, John! Your client may want to consider trying to grow a little
    bit in her front yard even though there is crime in the neighborhood. In my
    experience, most people are so far removed from where food comes from that
    they may not even know what it is when they see it. A thief is far more
    likely to steal a lawn mower than kale.

  • eyeYQ2 6 years ago

    MUCH easier to move from that Hell of a so called “city” and move where the
    land is alive….. healthier, just looking at it makes me sick!

  • a0667318 6 years ago

    maybe in the dog run area, she could make a dragon fruit arbor, or a grape,
    cucumber. Once the vines get up to the height of the wall, the plants could
    be trellised over the walk way and have the fruit hang down.

  • alan30189 6 years ago

    Great. I found it at my library as well. You can also find it on Amazon at
    a discount. I guarantee you will enjoy reading the book. He explains some
    interesting travels to Europe and brought back some of their practices. He
    and his wife just published a new book as well, they both co-authored. Hey,
    I love Alberta! The Canadian Rockies are beautiful. I visited, years ago,
    and saw Banff, Lake Louise, & the Athabasca Glacier. The glacier may be
    much smaller by now. Cool place. No pun intended. LOL

  • Rusty Hill 6 years ago

    Your videos are helping me greatly. I live in the tropical desert in Cabo
    San Lucas. I used to live in Vegas so it is easier for me to adapt. The big
    issue for me is I have to do everything naturally. There are no stores here
    that cater to organic gardening and it is even hard to get seeds & I have a
    low budget. Thanks to your leafy green video I am discovering there are
    plenty of edible greens that pop up whenever there is water and critter

  • shortjenna78 6 years ago

    Darn! I only got to watch half of the video you deleted!

  • bakshoe 6 years ago

    I’m growing a variety of lettuce called Nevada Lettuce and it does well in
    the hot summer months.

  • Stephen Legaree 6 years ago

    I really wish someone in Alberta Hard a garden consult!! I started my
    channel to help people learn and dont need that. Here in Alberta it though
    to know what to grow with our crazy winter! Thanks John for teaching us!

  • blossomingpetunia 6 years ago

    It’s a Meyer lemon, so tasty!

  • woknblues 6 years ago

    check out, “Mel’s Mix”. 1/3 compost, 1/3 vermiculite and 1/3 coconut coir
    OR peat moss.

  • bakcompat 6 years ago

    John, you finally got a HiDef camera! Yayyyyyy

  • Jason Ratz 6 years ago

    To bad that sidewalk isn’t against that wall. Then they could put those
    beds against the house for more light.

  • CannaHeaven 6 years ago

    What’s the lemon tree strain he mentioned at 17:54 ? I can’t quite
    understand the first part.

  • urthebest1122 6 years ago

    John, will you be doing a video on what plants are good to start planting
    now for the fall? My tomatoes and other summer vegetable plants are dying
    back. I’m going to mulch them eventually and want to fill up my containers
    up again but have never done a fall vegetable garden before.

  • alan30189 6 years ago

    They probably have a website where you can see if they have the book. Good

  • alan30189 6 years ago

    Paint that wall white to reflect more light down to your plants. Plant
    desert plants and plants that don’t require a lot of water. Buy others that
    are imported from states that have a reliable supply of water. Water levels
    at Lake Mead have dropped more than 100 feet since 2000 & will drop 25′ in
    the next year. It will drop faster & faster because the lake is shaped like
    a “V”. Here’s the story:

  • ronald moran 6 years ago

    i have found that u let the compost dry and keep mixing it up till it all
    breaks down, mind u its all dry , and once it gets fine, or powdery add
    water and watch it turn blk

  • Nova Bomb 6 years ago

    Hello John, thank you as always for sharing. In this particular
    application, have you considered wicking beds? I have used them with years
    of great success in the severe heat South of Houston, Texas. Line the base
    with hardware cloth (mole & tree root protection) cover that with shade
    cloth & finally with a pond liner up about 1 ft all around to make a
    reservoir. Fill reservoir with clean sand to wick water up, top with good
    soil. Work intensive but saves water & reduces chances of underwatering

  • FreidasGarden 6 years ago

    I have a Pine tree. I wonder if I can put the Pine Needles in a Composter?

  • MaruAdventurer 6 years ago

    Front yard, grow prickly pear. Heat tolerant, flowers. Flower buds can be
    used in various recipies. The Pads can be used in making soaps. And yes, it
    has spines to keep the vagrants out. 🙂