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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Just showing a couple of rattlers found on the way home from a video shoot. There are also some photos from other areas. Video Rating: / 5


Desert Gardens




  • 27westmount 4 years ago

    At what time do the snake do not rattle to warn people not to get to close? I have wanted to take a picture of this snake for years.

  • pucklizard77504 4 years ago

    I have a fascination with snakes, but I'm visiting Joshua Tree in a couple of months and do NOT know what to look for. The seem to blend in with the dirt, and it freaks me out that they may not rattle. :(

  • Rolf Williams 4 years ago

    Great film. I'm visiting Joshua Tree Ntnl Pk next month (April) and hoping to find some snakes, any tips welcomed. Have I more chance driving the roads at night? 

  • John Delgado 4 years ago

    Nice job AB — You are a good person, help my brothers like that 🙂
    I copied this video to my Channel/Playlist of Rattlesnakes; Crotalus and Sistrurus, U.S.A
    Please visit my Channel, subscribe and comment – tks, jd

  • ru1111111 4 years ago

    I would hike more if it wasnt for the snakes in AZ.

  • abdulrahman alzahrani 4 years ago

    My father got sick for one complete year cause of its bite

  • abdulrahman alzahrani 4 years ago

    I hate snakes. 

  • Irontalon1 4 years ago

    Loved the video B more people need to realize how important these animals are and the roll they play in the ecosystem.(ie Rodent control)

  • IrishKitty1024 4 years ago

    #2 wants to rip you up! lol!

  • TheAiCocoon 4 years ago

    You Should do a Tutorial on Bow Venom Tipped Arrows… This Would be Great for Defense on a Certain Basis,,,

  • kevin fitzgerald 4 years ago

    I remember the time I was hiking in Waterfall canyon, White Tanks mountains west side of Phoenix. I climbed over a rock and came face to face ( literally 3 feet away) with a mojave green rattler. Didn't rattle, just coiled up and watched me, slowly…backing…away! Wicked cool!

  • CrotalusKid 4 years ago

    If you are going by LD50, the Mojave has one of the most potent venoms, far out classing the Eastern diamondback and other large rattlesnakes. The diamondback however can deliver a great amount more venom than the Mojave can. Also, as far as we have found yet, the most potent viperid venom drop for drop in the US belongs to the Tiger rattlesnake. All this is according to LD50 studies, which we all know is mostly academic and has little bearing on the true danger of a bite to a human.

  • Arizona Bushman 4 years ago

    Yeah most of the time I am photographing them I have to have a friend of mine move around behind me just to get them to rattle or react for the camera.

  • Ozarkwanderer 4 years ago

    they probably dont rattle at you because they dont sense a true danger by your presence.your posture is calm and relaxed and you truly mean them no harm. they puff up and such caus they still dont you to close as wild animals dont like people. i say this in addition to it likely being cold and them wishing to conserve strength after winter sleep.

  • Alex G-man 4 years ago

    I like it when people like you don't kill snakes at first sight

  • mattc1683 4 years ago

    That thing looks piiiiiiist, he would be dinner.

  • bxyify 4 years ago

    Snakes are cool. Thumbs up to you for saving them from gitting hit by mean trucks!

  • AtarahDerek 4 years ago

    Mojaves don't necessarily have the most potent venom. It simply works differently from your typical Crotalus hemotoxins. What makes it more dangerous is what it does. Rather than causing hemorrhaging it causes paralysis of the respiratory system, just as a coral snake's venom does. But if I recall correctly eastern diamondbacks have the most potent venom of viperids in America based on LD50 values. You're more likely to survive an untreated Mojave bite than an untreated EDB bite.

  • 22motoswag22 4 years ago

    i live in barstow i see a lot of snakes too.

  • tobigforyou 4 years ago

    @tobigforyou But then again….instead of being dinner, it could be the death of you. I always wondered, should I learn how to catch them, just to be a more proficient bushman, or just learn other stuff and never dwell on this subject.

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