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  • patrick swift 1 year ago

    Looks like you were in Gold Basin, some of the hot rocks in that area are meteorites so make sure what the rocks are before tossing them back.,

  • Mike Henry 1 year ago

    Sorry, but I couldn't watch the whole video due to the annoying, repetitious music.

  • Bill K. 1 year ago

    You need to get that coil down on the soil…


    Enjoyed and subbed….

  • John c Towner 1 year ago

    Same music over and over and over and over. Sorry takes away from cool family trip.

  • Susan Bass 1 year ago

    Great music too!

  • Dr. Infrenis 1 year ago

    grass means there is water below, and some stones may be meteorites, you are very lucky.

  • Taa Dixon 1 year ago

    Perfect music to go with your scenery! Cheers to a month of vlogging every day! You sound so natural on camera!

  • Finding Fun 1 year ago

    Now all you need is a pot to spit in! Great video and happy hunting!

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