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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Snow in the sahara desert photos Snow in the Sahara Desert captured in a set of amazing photos Credit: Karim Bouchetata/Geoff Robinson There’s Very Little More Captivating Than Snow On The Sahara While we’re gearing up for the slim possibility of a white Christmas in Blighty, and many other spots on the planet may see some of the white stuff this week, the last place you’d expect to spot some snow would be the Sahara desert, known for being one of the hottest, most demanding and unforgiving terrains on the planet. Yet amateur photographer Karim Bouchetata managed to capture just that, with the variance of the sand and the snow something incredible to behold. Somehow, it just doesn’t look real. The last time snow was captured here in Algeria, at the town Aïn Séfra in Naâma Province, known as ‘The Gateway to the Desert’, was on February 18, 1979, when a snow storm lasted half an hour. At the time of writing, it is six degrees in the town and the chill appears to have brought the rare phenomenon to the region. Many local people, of course, will have never seen snow before. This time it lasted a full day, before the desert went back to its normal looking landscape of aridity. Karim snapped the images the moment the snow began to fall on the town and sand dunes, and the results are spellbinding, captivating and awe-inspiring. Karim stated: “Everyone was stunned to see snow falling in the desert; it is such a rare occurrence. It looked amazing as the snow settled on the sand and made a great set of photos. “The snow stayed for about a day and has now melted away.” Here’s a few more incredible […]

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