So happy that THAO CALI and TIENCOCO USA visit my garden | My garden tour | VƯỜN SEN ĐÁ NHÀ LÊLÊ 11/22/2021

So happy THAO CALI and TIENCOCO USA visit my garden| My garden tour| VƯỜN SEN ĐÁ NHÀ LÊLÊ 11/22/2021 Now we sell succulents. Please check our Facebook to buy succulents from me. Thank you for watching my video. Below are some of the products I use for the garden, which I like very much. Beautiful and common succulents from The Next Gardener: Use the discount code to get a 10% discount: MARIALE-TNG. If you use the discount code to buy the gift box: MARIA-GIFTBOX get a 15% discount Clay pebbles: compressed air dust collector blower: 2 inch mini terracotta pot: 2 inches black seedling pot: 2,5 inches black seedling pot: 3 inches color Mini Plastic Flower Pot: 4” Square White Plastic Flower Pot: 4” Flower Pot with Label: 4” Flower Pot: 4” Color Plastic Flower Pot: 5” Flower Pot: 5” Gray Plastic Flower Pot: 5” White Beautiful Flower Pots: 5″ White Flower Pots: 6″ Seedling Pots: 6″ White Pots: 6″ Square Black Pots: 7″ Hanging Pots: 7, 5″ Creamy White Pots: 8″ Pots Black: 9″ Green Hanging Pots: 9″ White Hanging Pot: Mini Garden Succulent Kit: 1 Gallon Sprayer: Indoor Plants Insect Control: Compressed Air Dust Collector Blower: Peat Moss: Rooting Powder: Sunnyglade 9’Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella: Bonsai Wire kit: Akadama Soil: Maifanitum Stone: Clay Cobblestone: Grafting machine: Pruning shears: Succulents slow-release fertilizer: Turntable: Heavy-duty mesh tarpaulin Net sail awning: 8×12′: 9×12′: 10×12′: Rainy season plastic cloth: 9oz Plastic cup: pliers for pulling dry leaves Locking Tweezers: Moisture Meter: Patio Umbrella: Diamond Drill Bit: Black Tray: Soldering Iron Kit for Perforating Plastic Containers: Grafting Wax: Garden Propagator Kit: Covalence Plastics 6ML CLR 12X50 12×50 ft 6 mm Clear Tyco Polyethylene Plastic Sheet: Bloom Plus eBay link: #thaocali #Tiencocousa #succulentgardentour #babysucculent #trồngsenđá #cactus #xươngrồng #succulent #succulents #다육식sungLeasu#Aờsucculents #肉肉#Aờsucculentms #肉肉#Aờsucculents #肉肉#Aờsucculents #肉肉#Aờsucculents #肉肉#Aờsucculentms.


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