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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote CACTUS MEMES! Fortnite Battle Royale have released … THIS! The Cactus Default… And it’s GLORIOUS! – I pretended to be a cactus with the new Prickly Patroller Skin! I hope you guys enjoy the video! 🙂 More Fortnite Gameplay: Fortnite Animations: * BECOME A MEMBER * Hit that JOIN button on my channel (Next to Subscribe) You’ll be helping support me and the channel and would have my undying love forever and ever! ► Follow me on Insta: ► Follow me on Facebook: ► Tweet Me: ► Hang Out in the Discord Server: ❤ Thank you SO MUCH for watching! Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed this video ✔ Comment and let me know what you thought ✔ SUBSCRIBE for more of my content ✔ Production music by Video Rating: / 5 Revisiting a skill shown a few years back, I demonstrate how to make a water conatiner out of a prickly pear cactus pad. Not only does this method make a container that can stone-boil unsafe water, but the filling can also provide food or an herbal remedy. NOTE: If your source of water is muddy or has a lot of debris, place a bandana or item of clothing, like a shirt over the mouth of the cactus container, to keep the larger debris out before stone boiling. BUY THE MORAKNIV KANSBOL KNIFE HERE: Junkyard Fox Instagram: Filmed and Edited by Lando Cordova. Landos Instagram: Cuervo Negro Youtube page: Cuervo Negro Music Instagram: Cuervo Negro’s Bandcamp link: filmed in parts of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Survival, Self-Reliance, Bushcraft, Camping, Making Fire, James Harris. Original music by Cuervo Negro. Junkyard Fox Video Rating: / 5


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    Thank you for all the support! ily guys! <3

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    Absalute Madlad

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    How people that Blind???????

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    Should have done tpose

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    I subs

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    11k omg you were on 10k yesterday

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    Hey kiwi I would’ve seen this earlier but you know I have school

  • The Raider 1 year ago

    Hey kiwi I would’ve seen this earlier but you know I have school

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    Hey my name is UNCATO get it

  • Alexis Gonzalez 1 year ago

    4:05 you should of used T POSE

  • XDNoob1230 1 year ago

    Soy latinoamericano pero me gustan tus video no se si entenderás esto pero you are sick bro

  • franco alanya 1 year ago

    Cactus me xd,alright its suck i now but you now i have to do it todo them

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    Oh yes

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    good video love you as a YouTuber <3

  • blackwidow1286 1 year ago

    i got a video idea, get at least 3 thousand VBUCKS, and you have to get at least 9 kills, if you die you have to spend it on something you don't want.

  • TJack Survival 1 year ago

    You, sir, are stepping your awesomeness game bud!

  • A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge 1 year ago

    James, you have much wisdom (not just knowledge) for such a young man!

    Been binge-watching your channel since I discovered it a few days ago. Love your videos!
    Keep them coming, young man!

  • Daigo Mori 1 year ago

    Are you Native American?

  • Gametrue 22 1 year ago

    Dont rocks explode in fire?

  • Gametrue 22 1 year ago

    A L O E V E R A

  • Ferdinand Marcos 1 year ago

    Great video, thanks for sharing.

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    why he said alo ara like dat

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    Nice job, love the underwater shots. Awesome video, and channel.

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    i trust him cause he looks like my people

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    i think it gliched and he said A L O V A R E


    wow you really love Cactus and thanks for your survival kits

  • Harold Harold 1 year ago

    thanks mate good info

  • Very professional. Detailed but well-paced. Wondering if a spoon could hollow out more of that pad, make it bigger. Also wondering oil or wax could condition the outside so it holds up for a long time. That'd be a crazy project out in the wild, trying to calm down bees with smoke to get some combs for honey, food, and wax. Imagining a thick, 360 degrees grass/frond hat/cape to keep out any bees not calmed by the smoke.

  • Ben M 1 year ago

    You can boil water in a plastic shopping bag too

  • AV kicks 1 year ago

    orrrrrr you could always just get a water filter lol

  • knowledgeisthepower1 1 year ago

    i swear iv'e seen this guy in red dead redemption

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