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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I am so glad this is over with. 32×50 is a big garden to prep especially without a tractor.Now I will let the compost and manure just set on top.It will rain a couple of times before I till making compost tea for the ground below.Now off to planning what to grow and where to put it. Y’all give me some good idea’s Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • usc5299 7 years ago

    Just lemon and tangerines starting my peppers? tomorrow and then tomatoes next week

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    Only Lemon trees and a few tangerines starting? my peppers tomorrow.

  • Brandon H 7 years ago

    Have you started any seedlings yet this year??

  • BulletSponge021 7 years ago

    man that is good? stuff right there- gave me some good ideas

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    LOL I plant my maters straight down because its easier and I dont have to worry about bending an breaking my plant.There is no significant difference in planting them L shaped VS straight down they grow just the same both ways I think.Hey I know you can do a test and video it L shaped vs? straight down and see what happens.

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    Alright Thanks for the comment. Its been rough getting all the stuff I? need to prep the garden before april Glad i got done though, hope it all works out for me or this year will be a big disappointment.

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    lol yea I usually plant my corn in early march and wait till april 1 to plant my tomatoes and? everythng else. We never get a frost after april 1 knock on wood lol

  • Quiverful04 7 years ago

    Good looking? ammendments…….should give you some good results.

  • Rhett Miller 7 years ago

    I planted out? side. I’ll have to inter-plant my spring and summer vege’s for the small space I have. It just gets so hot to fast, that spring planting is almost non-existent.

  • SavageNorthGarden 7 years ago

    Wow you really got a humongous start to prepping that barren soil .Hopefully the steaming hot compost will continue to mature in your rows. I like the way you raked leaves. I like to “steal”? them from the local compost drop off. I’m sure glad I subscribed. This was a great video and I look forward to more. Gonna Google Carolina Gamecocks now..

  • ninewiz9 7 years ago

    omg omg omg you my have became a “professional gardner” ok i have a question for you????? when planting your maters do you bury the root ball straight down or do you plant it in a? “L” shape???? And what are the benifits of both???

  • Backyardhomesteader 7 years ago

    Good? stuff.

  • stephkill2010 7 years ago

    good stuff, i think we are? all making our own concoctions with soil haha
    great videos

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    Thanks Im hoping that will be enough might have to do some extra? fertilizing through out the year but we will see.

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    Thanks man u started? prepping yours yet?

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    LOL yea just found out the other day i can? get compost for $160 14 tons/yards so I will be making that purchase that dirt cheap lol

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    Im hoping so Im mainly gonna use this garden for all my veges so i hope? that will be enough.

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    Ouch Im? so sorry even though the snow would be nice. Its been 2 years since we had snow starting to think its never coming back.

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    Go Gamecocks you live in my favorite place lol and yes the weather is crazy around here. Ill take 70 degrees in january any day lol. I got the eggs shells from a place that cooks about 100 eggs? a day . I had to stop getting them my compost pile was 80% egg shells lol thanks for the comment

  • usc5299 7 years ago

    Alright I need to build some beds to. Do you have your spring vege’s inthe house or did you plant outside??

  • Rhett Miller 7 years ago

    Nice. I’ve started preppy my beds, and? in fact planted spring vege’s by seed. We will see how that goes. Keep up the vids.

  • Kevin Warren 7 years ago

    Go Gamecocks!!! I’m in Horry Co. myself. Ain’t our weather nice? Last week in the
    30’s,? this week in the 70’s. I hope to get my ground preped this weekend. Where did you get all those egg shells? I put a few in my barrel composter from home use, but not that many. Good idea. I like your channel.

  • Joe DeAngelo 7 years ago

    SO jealous!!! Im all the way up here in upper michigan, we have 6-12 inches snow headed this way tonight, i only can have dreams of prepping my soil around here. We cant start thinking about a? breaking thru the ice til atleast april at the earliest… how sad

  • BolognaRingRanch 7 years ago

    WOW!!! That will definately? do the trick.


  • Pooter1176 7 years ago

    Man that should built up the soil,I’m jealous it’s cold,wet and rainy here in ky.?