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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The start up for the garden is close. Before we really get going, we want to know what we’re starting with. It will be interesting to see how the soil progresses and heals as we begin our gardening journey. Click here to subscribe to our channel: Visit our Patreon page to discover special benefits and support our mission: Please consider purchasing a T-shirt (with original designs by us!) to help support us in making future videos: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music by: We are Jim and Jessica, a husband and wife team who decided to make the leap from living the city life to an off-grid homestead. We have no training in carpentry or electrical work. We’ve come armed only with two Permaculture Design Certificates and a whole lot of determination. Join us on our journey to move beyond a sustainable lifestyle into a regenerative one. We chose to live in the desert because we love the location and we wanted the challenge of bringing this desert landscape into productive abundance. #greendreamproject #permaculture #soilhealth Video Rating: / 5


  • Irene Davis 1 month ago

    We did a home soil test a long time ago. Our numbers are about the same as yours. We have found that the alkalinity makes the potassium difficult to access for a lot of plants (one of the causes of blossom end rot in tomatoes). Adding bone meal and blood meal is making a huge difference so far this year. We also have fish emulsion, which stinks really bad, but the plants love it. Any spoiled milk goes in the garden. The acid from the fermentation and the calcium make a great combo. We also put all of our tea leaves and coffee grounds in the garden. More organics and a little acid. I love watching people be purposeful about gardens. We all get caught by something, but making a real effort to use a little science can make a big difference. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  • 120 Acre Wood 1 month ago

    Looks like I got behind on your recent uploads. Busy busy people. Playing catch up now. Keep up the good work.

  • Mother Hen of Damnifiknow Farms 1 month ago

    Super informative video! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Gardening in Gnome town 1 month ago

    Your soil is crap just like mine. Big surprise.

  • DIY Solar Homestead 1 month ago

    After you get the wood chips down and watered. Put about 12 dozen worms under the wood chips.

  • Mari's Vegetable Garden 1 month ago

    Checking the soil I a great thing to do!

  • The Arizona Homestead Project 1 month ago

    whitetail for growing food plots for deer.

  • Welcome to Chickenlandia 1 month ago

    That's interesting that the magnesium is high. My doctor told me that in general, magnesium is low in the soil and that's why many of us are lacking.

  • Farming Our Backyard 1 month ago

    Compost and mulch cover is great for soil, but a baseline for your records is so neat to see what you've improved upon.

  • The Daily Dee & Mysteries 1 month ago

    I'm actually surprised at the results. I thought that land was pretty barren without modifying the soil a great deal. I would have been ecstatic with the results.

  • Alan Marshall 1 month ago

    I thought they would say its all sand!

  • Thirteen Moons Homestead 1 month ago

    Glad to see you practicing safe soil testing your first time, Jim. Always a good idea to bag it, and to avoid contamination. 😉 That's really cool to have that benchmark to start from. It would be interesting to have tests done again after one year of amending and growing in the garden space. I see in the comments you have some doubters, lol. I believe in you! Looking forward to seeing your gardens grow.

  • beach Life 1 month ago

    If your going to live there for long time , want the best garden then ya. I would check it for sure, nice jim …..keep up the hard work !!!, keep on keeping on

  • Desert Dogg 1 month ago

    Should have tested your soil prior to building a garden I personally don't think you're going to grow tons of stuff down in McNeal Arizona but God bless you for trying

  • Whippoorwill Holler 1 month ago

    Jim and jess, how long of a growing season do yall have there? Xoxoxo, inquiring minds want to know! Hehe

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