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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Solar Powerplant in the Mojave Desert in California from SciHD’s “Machines!”. (2010) Video Rating: / 5 Plant mites can spell havoc for your garden for a number of reasons. Get rid of plant mites with help from a registered herbalist in this free video clip. Expert: ROBERT LINDE Contact:!/profile.php?id=626618253 Bio: Robert Linde is a licensed Acupuncture Physician in the state of Florida, as well as a Registered Herbalist. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz Series Description: If left unchecked, many types of bugs will wreck havoc in both indoor and outdoor gardens. Learn about bug control with help from a registered herbalist in this free video series. Video Rating: / 5


  • Solar California Homeowner Guide 4 years ago

    Great Video!!

  • Rodriguez Jessie M 4 years ago

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  • Rodriguez Jessie M 4 years ago

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  • novak rene f 4 years ago

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  • jorge .oroz 4 years ago

    there is a side benefit to these huge plants. THEY CAN BE USED TO DESALINATE WATER. In desert coastal areas like say Dubai, or Baja, this would be a huge dual use for a plant like this…

  • paul8kangas 4 years ago

    Read "Solar Economy" by Hermann Scheer if you want to see how home based solar will eventually power the whole earth, without huge corporate solar farms.

  • paul8kangas 4 years ago

    There are 2 ways to shift from gas to solar.
    One is by each city, like Lancaster, Ca., passing a Feed-in Tariff, ( FiT ) ( decentralization ) and then requiring local Utilities to pay home owners $0.33 kwh for solar fed onto the grid, OR centralization,
    Large solar farms, that are just a crude corporate rip off of tax payers.
    There are now 6,900 cities in the world that have a FiT.
    Decentralization will create more union jobs,
    more income for each city,
    prevent fracking

  • Samo Šuligoj 4 years ago

    there is no perfect solution, man.

  • Samo Šuligoj 4 years ago

    i think 2 scorpions and one snake lived there, and they moved half kilometer away. and think, at the day,ther is higher need of power, cous of factories working with full power, at night, you have onli few discotecs and internet servere (localy).. think wisely

  • Samo Šuligoj 4 years ago

    all deserts should be full of solar plants. Where are HI-TECH countries now?

  • concordbdance 4 years ago

    You make a good point cactus. We need to make these alternative green resources available to people instead of courting the inc.'s only. Just try to install your own windmill on your own residential land.

  • TheCactusjack1 4 years ago

    @concordbdance All I'm saying is that these projects are problematic and not the green, perfect solution that the producers of these slick promotional videos would have you believe they are. There are many unanswered questions and problems as they admit in this video. I would say that they are an extension of the ugly sprawl and blight that you mention, concord. Are we willing to sacrifice eco-systems we don't yet fully understand for projects that are experimental and not proven?

  • TheCactusjack1 4 years ago

    @bonds911 I don't understand your comment and name calling. You make me sad, bonds.

  • concordbdance 4 years ago

    @TheCactusjack1 In the high desert, add wind power. You can set your watch by the AV winds!
    These green power plants are way less ugly than the wars, sprawl, and blight we willingly produce for profit.

  • TheCactusjack1 4 years ago

    65 football fields of desert habitat lost forever to power 14,000 homes. Is it worth it? The cooling tower uses water. Bad idea in the desert. These installations scrap the desert bare, destroying the ecosystem and creating more dust in areas that are already very high in fine particle pollution. They don't generate much power at night either. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Solar, it just needs to be done more wisely.

  • The Crump Effect 4 years ago

    what if the mites are eating the garlic?

  • saundra V 4 years ago

    the down side of neem oil is if you need your plants to be pollinated by bees, the bees do not like it and will stay away from your plants..

  • paulie pauly 4 years ago

    can someone spell the oil please
    also is it ok to use in an aquaponic system ( is it ok for fish ) ?
    thank you

  • Trina Portnerh 4 years ago

    thanks I'll try that

  • Tom Stoyan 4 years ago

    Very helpful! Just what I needed!

  • Tim Wert 4 years ago

    How do u spell the oil

  • mcp2565 4 years ago

    What do you think of a combination of Neem oil, dish soap and water? Or even putting hot peppers in the mix as insects seem to hate it. It would be for rose bushes.

  • MsRosamexicana 4 years ago

    thanks i will try this! 🙂

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