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  • Jason Garcia 4 years ago

    I thought it was Mexican not American?

  • hakentt 4 years ago

    Sonoran desert is a myth because it is not a desert it is semi-desert, especially upper sonoran. Only true desert in lower sonoran desert habitat is located east of Yuma were the sand dunes are.

  • sharon roberto 4 years ago

    Just being in the desert gives you inner peace

  • Kurt “Quiko” Ehlen 4 years ago

    We see modern graffiti as destroying the hieroglyphs is true to an extent but 1000 years from now a different civilization will see it as an old legacy to our current time. It may be as interesting and undecipherable to them perhaps as the hieroglyphs we see from ancient civilizations today.  

  • Pokemon Trainer 4 years ago

    I love american deserts especially the Sonoran 

  • Excellent program.

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