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  • Kelly Richardson 1 year ago

    How is your garden going this year? been looking for an update from ya but its been awhile,

  • ArizonaAdventures 1 year ago

    very nice video 🙂

  • ArizonaAdventures 1 year ago

    Nice tour, thanks for posting the video!

  • k3of5ks 1 year ago

    Thank you!

  • jm39509 1 year ago


  • thxango40 1 year ago

    Nice work. I'm in Phoenix too. I just built 2 plater boxes myself. Can't wait to see how my garden turns out!

  • k3of5ks 1 year ago

    Generally a good time to plant nursery starts is in Feb here in the desert. Make sure to look for varieties that are 65 days or less. A few good ones are early girl and champion.
    Another great way to learn about desert gardening is joining the Phoenix Permaculture Guild. They offer classes and are a great group of people.

  • loretta wilson 1 year ago

    when do you plant tomatoes?

  • k3of5ks 1 year ago

    Hi-My suggestion is read all you can on Arizona gardening starting with a book called Extreme Gardening by Dave (can't remember his last name) A fantastic group to join online or take classes is Phoenix Permaculture Guild. They have really affordable beginning gardening glasses. I hope this helps. Happy Gardening!

  • kingdomheartsfreak79 1 year ago

    HI I also live in Arizona and I was wonder if you had any tips for a begging gardener.

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