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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote MUN Botanical Garden staff shows how to sprout peas in a plastic cup. This is a quick and easy project that shows off the growth of a pea (or any other large seed). Watch as the seed first takes root and then sends up a beautiful green shoot. A wonderful way to familiarize beginner botanists (both young and old) with the different parts of a germinating seed. Video Rating: / 5


  • Aaliyan Qurexhi 1 year ago

    can we use real peas?

  • 100SmilesAway 1 year ago

    Where do you get peas? The grocery store?

  • Deandra Foster 1 year ago


  • Sharon Allen 1 year ago

    do you add any water over time or just leave it alone?

  • ghost minion 1 year ago

    me to

  • Harleen Dhunda 1 year ago

    Thankyou so much for this!!!!!!!!! You really helped me in my Biology experiment!

  • Harkeerat Of The Apollo Cabin 1 year ago

    can I use cotton instead of the paper?

  • coffeatt arabicaut 1 year ago

    Stellar performance- concise, competent, informative, and shows the results! AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZIng! what every clown on YT should do! thank you

  • Otella Hobson 1 year ago

    my favorite way for seeding plants Thank you

  • Donetta Lowe 1 year ago

    sunlight, darkness? what?

  • Patricia Ramirez 1 year ago

    how do you transplant the seeds?

  • nat mal 1 year ago

    do you have to water the plants each day?

  • Saeli Delascio 1 year ago

    I just started one and do the same you do so I will let you know next week how it works

  • John Tate Thomas 1 year ago

    I am using that for my science fair project you helped me a lot thank you. you are so awesome. can you do a next one about kidney beans in the dark, please

  • Pablo Mendez 1 year ago

    You saved my but for sixth grade

  • Epicbeauty111 1 year ago

    Loved your video , this way you can see clearly how they are doing (I normally use the tissue paper and zip-lock bag method But you have to disturb them for checking on them. I will definitely do it this from now on much more clear to see progress 🙂
    Thanks for sharing info, have a nice day

  • Jossylov3 1 year ago

    The best video

  • Gabe Jacobs 1 year ago

    Hi there Botanical, I am a new gardener, but I have learned so much. Would you mind subscribing to my channel and giving me any tips that I may be doing wrong? 🙂 Thanks!

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