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  • hangerlane hammerites 7 years ago

    God said “go forth and multiply “he did not say to stop ,he knows when and how if he should stop us and by what means Just stop and think Do you really think ANY OF US is here by accident when he is the giver of life,you nor I can stop the birth of any one ,not even the Egyptian Pharaoh who told his midwives to kill all the Israelite babies as they were born couldn’t stop them ,,look don’t worry it is time to be wise and strong and not? argue amongst our selves that’s what they want divisions

  • hangerlane hammerites 7 years ago

    pt2 we drive, type of guns we have,even to what type of poisons GMO they give us to die from,we have all followed our parents till now thinking the governments are best for us,they are for them selves and their heirs/seeds ,I do not argue with u just trying to put positive insights into who and what our real problem is,We do not manufacture boilers fridges with ozone gases etc government and corporations are responsible for this we r not allowed anything natural legally always their resources ?

  • hangerlane hammerites 7 years ago

    Er what did he have in mind then,please say ,,the planet is able to take twice the amount? of people on it now and there is enough food land and space for all ,but the gross mismanagement of the Devil/s has caused this,destruction thru greed and power,if one man can buy an island for himself while one country cant feed itself i see this as a problem ,Demons in charge decide how we the little people destroy the world,poor men do not own power plant oil refinery or decide what type of car cpt2

  • hangerlane hammerites 7 years ago

    Y did u look for a square foot garden video an then complain about it.???hey?? hey tell us why do u waste ur time and obviously the few brains cells u do have left.Bob Marley is the song for this type of ppl’s Stiff necked fool u think u r cool to deny me of my simplicity ,,, great reply 5150 ,,Get off YouTube and? grow …Up mabe as well ,,lov u 5150 bless

  • tony93666 7 years ago

    years ago I made a squarefoot garden and got soooooooo many wonderful vegetables, the system is VERY worth doing. I had only 4 tomato plants and got so many, we were giving em away to anyone who would take them! My wife and I are planning on doing it again this spring(2013). Any tips on watering?

    One thing I’ve always struggled with is WHEN to water… I know it seems elementary, but it seems if it feels dry, it’s too late(is it?), but if you water too much, it’s bad too? and plants die, etc.

  • thesnodude5150 7 years ago

    @the tube tempest you are a fool and all these negative comments are rediculous and shows pretty well how ignorant ppl are becoming . Y did u look for a square foot garden video an then complain? about it. Get off YouTube and grow . I plan on repopulating the earth with good ppl and not like the trash that inhabits the earth and trolls on YouTube jut o bash ppl. Gtfo

  • alan30189 7 years ago

    You must of had an extremely stupid? professor in college. Glad I didn’t go to your college.

  • alan30189 7 years ago

    Use cedar to build your raised beds. Many advantages over? vinyl and it looks a lot nicer.

  • Dick n 7 years ago

    hello ebayokbarry which vegetables, fruit and herbs do well in? the desertwhich vegetables and herbs do well in the desert greetings from the netherlands

  • ebayokbarry 7 years ago

    Lots of interesting comments here, some may be remotely connected to gardening. I took a class called Environmental Chemistry in 1973 where I learned we were gonna be out of oil before 1980, out of natural gas before 1990 and out of coal before 2000. But our biggest environmental threat was the impending Global Cooling.
    About ten years later I started trying SFG in my? backyard in the Mojave Desert. It turned out my biggest threat was my cat who thought the garden boxes were potty boxes.

  • immak4u 7 years ago


  • davidhaythornthwaite 7 years ago


  • anFidhlear 7 years ago

    I did compost, manure (composted and ready to go), bagged garden soil (gasp!), and some of my existing garden soil and my garden is kicking ass.
    Oh and I just chucked? my seeds and sets in the SqFG and they’re doing awesome.
    Just sayin’. If you want to play it extra safe and do they way it’s done in the video that’s super awesome and obviously will have pretty good success, but you don’t always have to be quite so… meticulous.

  • TheTubeTempest 7 years ago

    If there is a god he would have known the exact number of people that would live on the earth today since before time. I don’t think he can be surprised unless he tried to? surprise himself in which case it would be a universe ending paradox.

  • MrLuridan 7 years ago

    People said there were PLENTY of Passenger Pigeons, Atlantic Salmon, Peat bogs, Labrador Duck, Sperm Whales, Blue Whales,? etc. There isn’t enough of virtually anything to sustain an this exponentially multiplying population, Things do run out. Iceland ran out of trees hundreds of years ago, the world will run out of peat, the American west is in a water crisis, Africa has food shortages….There were plenty of these things until demand reached new heights….I appreciate your comments. Good day

  • Treasures4Food 7 years ago

    Pause. Is the planet overpopulated by God’s standard, or by man’s? God has not told us that he? feels that the planet is overpopulated. Importantly, on a planet where there are literally MILLIONS of people with backyards used for nothing–no gardens, no housing, no animal care–nothing, we can see that there are still PLENTY of resources but they are very irresponsibly used and underutilized. Are some places too heavily populated, I would grant you that, but that is NOT a universal truth.

  • MrLuridan 7 years ago

    Irresponsible comment. I don’t think an overpopulated planet of 7 billion was what He had in mind….7 billion people consuming the Earth?…”for His and our enjoyment”? I don’t think? so…

  • Maul Digger 7 years ago

    But neither is coal, gold, rocks or soil. I believe our Creator gave us the planet for His and our enjoyment. We need to use what He gave us wisely, but we certainly do not need to NOT use what He gave us. I actually have? six compost piles in various stages. I do believe that making your own compost is better because you control what goes in the recipe. I guess it all depends on who you believe is in control. May your garden be bountiful and beautiful.

  • blkscreen15 7 years ago

    are you Jeff Ball or do you just like to copy and paste other people’s comment. You are absolutely wrong. Peat Bogs grow a millimeter per year…in other words EXTREMELY SLOW thus making them? unsustainable. Why would you use it when you can use compost wood bark…which is as good

  • TheGhettoGourmet 7 years ago


  • blkscreen15 7 years ago

    don’t use PEAT MOSS. Its? not sustainable. Thanks

  • DJMovit 7 years ago

    Thanks for posting? the video

  • DJMovit 7 years ago

    If you follow Mel’s new book you don’t add regular soil. The mixture of vermiculite, compost and peat moss does the trick and your plants are nice and healthy. You need to read the book to? understand

  • TheVoiceofresistance 7 years ago

    OK, OK, yes, I’m paying attention . . . but they’re? both pretty hot. Real caliente together . . .

  • wesbuff 7 years ago

    You know when you actually think about a? square foot garden it HAS to have several small sections. When you dont have rows and you plant between 8-10 things in a single spot like onions for example. What i would reccomend is to do smaller 3×3 sections and have a 1 foot path so you can reach in and get to the plants and a large plant in the middle(tomatoe, beans, etc.)surrounded by smaller plants obviously. It is much more expensive also to make several raised beds,because it increases wood use