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  • nativerobin 7 years ago

    Maybe you should…i have seen where inner city gardens like that become wildly popular? 🙂 …thanks for watching !

  • Ronnie Vanna 7 years ago

    I’m tempted to start? a community garden in Albany park….you’re inspiring.

  • nativerobin 7 years ago

    Hey subbed ya back? ….thanks 🙂

  • cfenster 7 years ago

    I sub’d. Love the videos. I will be trying your salsa with my garden veggies! I look forward? to seeing more from you.

  • nativerobin 7 years ago

    You have no idea how CLOSE i came to wearing that hat LOL ….thanks for watching :)?

  • SurviveN2 7 years ago

    Cool Robin, it’s looking really good so far. I’m disappointed tho……you didn’t wear your hat you got in San? Francisco……LOL. I look forward to seeing how your garden grows….LOL. Thanks for sharing and Take Care my friend :-))

  • wawhiker 7 years ago

    Very practical, and well done. Nice design? on the trellis.

  • nativerobin 7 years ago

    I’m a feak on being neat and tidy LOL …..square foot gardening it taylor made for people like me :)? …thanks so much for watching !

  • Robin Lee 7 years ago

    I never though of using those big buckets as well, sounds they work out great! Thanks for? watching and sharing 🙂

  • phrankus2009 7 years ago

    Yeah, thanks. I kinda like “bucket-gardens” using the cheaper (thin black plastic) 5 and? 10 gallon landscaping planters (with drain-holes) … This makes it easier to manage individual mixes and to cycle discreet volumes as compost substrate … Also allows individual protection, from cold, in early spring or even lets you drag them inside, or around the yard. Finally, the “bucket method” also helps contain pests and diseases, Limiting the damage and contamination to a single bucket (mostly).

  • nativerobin 7 years ago

    Hey thanks for checking out the video ..i love gardening this way. Growing up was had HUGE gardens that took all of your summer to grow, I dont miss? THAT LOL

  • nativerobin 7 years ago

    Thanks ..i sure? will 🙂

  • 03DexterHauler 7 years ago

    Looks good! Love the square foot method. Check out my garden vids growning in them if you get? a chance.

  • karenchakey 7 years ago

    Great video sis, I use to watch him on our Public Tv station, I loved the show and have practice this type of gardening at another house I use to live in. I was just taking shots of my flowers and wondered if I should put a vid up about them, I love to garden too!!!!! flowers and veggies both. I am just finishing up another flower box for the front of my house,? I did a 12 foot one last year and an eight foot one this year. Looks like your going to have a great garden this year, keep us informed!

  • nativerobin 7 years ago

    Thanks so much for watching…:)?

  • HillbillyPrepperGals 7 years ago

    Nice? video, thanks.

  • Robin Lee 7 years ago

    I have to admit Mel’s mix works great, I’ve tried using the pre-mix garden soil for other projects and it? wasn’t nearly as good, sometimes i’m a slow learner LOL

  • Robin Lee 7 years ago

    Thanks? glad you liked it 🙂

  • Robin Lee 7 years ago

    Oh? those would work heck you can use most anything really, being untreated is key, thanks for watching 🙂

  • Theron Miller 7 years ago

    Cool vid.I have a bunch of untreated oak pallets made with 2×4 and 4x4s that I wanna tear? apart and make beds out of.Nice tats too btw.

  • tjenn71 7 years ago

    mel’s mix works great used it last year? just this week went out and planted onion sets didn’t need any tools just dug up the soil with my hands thanks for the video