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  • Ty Hice 4 years ago

    Feel this pain nahh feel this truth

  • John Davis 4 years ago

    real spit

  • Tunika Cooper 4 years ago

    Thats my boii!!

  • chip smith 4 years ago

    Wayne won't pay lito cause lito beat him in a game of 36.

  • chip smith 4 years ago

    what about that 3 though…

  • Qua High 4 years ago

    Yall listen to what he sayin tho frfr………He a real one

  • Mcsohype 4 years ago

    today my birthday so i woke up in las vegas…….with yoh bitch

  • pso89 4 years ago

    I notice starlito likes those FN Five 7's…..that's a hot round

  • singhgur001 4 years ago

    did this beat justice. kendrick is trash

  • YungLilJ 4 years ago

    #Lito #615

  • YungLilJ 4 years ago

    #Lito #615

  • Anthony Lopez 4 years ago

    i dnt like that snitch bitch Kevin Gates, something about that lame gets me mad like on some real shit, hes a wack rapper claiming hes wit the business, i got hate for wanna be gangsta wen ur a bitch nigga

  • Lawless Blaze 4 years ago


  • Radric Davis 4 years ago

    who is the original this beat….Starlito or Kendrick Lamar???
    i need know please

  • Amy Struloeff 4 years ago

    …this is horrific how long we going to ignore this shit..
    ..I aint trying to change the world but.. I aint going to act like I enjoy this shit..


  • Essence Rodgers 4 years ago

    my baby dad fuck with him hard

  • singhgur001 4 years ago

    best rapper alive!

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