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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Since there are many Cacti in the garden with many off sets, I thought I could start my own collection from cuttings. Here is how I separated the offsets and planted them. ▼▼▼More info bellow!▼▼▼ First thing we need to do is to get a sharp knife. Chose a straight blade, it will make a smaller wound on the mother plant. I also sterilize my knife before each cutting with alcohol, this will prevent disease from spreading from one plant to the other. I cut the offsets at the base as much as possible, but cacti can also be propagated through portions of their stems, so in one case I cut a tip from one of the offsets, as it was quite tall. I let the cuttings form a callus for a few days. Potting them while they are still fresh might lead to rotting or other disease. A few days in a ventilated area, preferably outside, should do the trick. I used cactus and succulent mix from the store, which has added sand for drainage. I also use clay pots, since plastic over heats and can damage roots. I place the cuttings in the middle of the pot, burring them slightly for stability. I water the pot until water comes out from the bottom and then let them drain. I will keep my cuttings in a sheltered place for now, which only gets morning sunshine When the cuttings will root I will move them to a much brighter location. ————————————————————————————– ✿ Want to send me something? Here’s my address! Orchid Nature P.O. BOX 29002, CY-1620, Nicosia, Cyprus ————————————————————————————— ✿ Want to support my channel and help me continue doing what I love? You can contribute here and thanks a bunch! Support […]


  • Brian Wingbermuehle 4 years ago

    I think the first no ID mamilaria is M. Bombicyna, has curled red spines.

  • Linda Stead 4 years ago

    What a perfect video for me. i have both small orchid and cacti collections. I didn't know that the cacti had to dry out first! Very helpful.

  • Miche 4 years ago

    Perfect timing , I am just about to do the same thing with some of my cacti … Thanks !

  • Stef Styl 4 years ago

    I have a spatilia and its bloom is 2-3cm and its color is like a panther!!!! Some times it is makes a 2 large like snakes seed pots!!!

  • Na iskos 4 years ago

    lovely video. is that a community garden? and will you grow them on your terrace? I prefer clay pots as well. they help me not to overwater by letting the moisture evaporate faster than a plastic pot. and I can see and feel when the media is dry. unfortunately I haven't found a stapelia yet. looking forward for more cacti videos :)

  • Sarah Leaf 4 years ago

    More cacti videos pleaseeeee!

  • deeplydeepali 4 years ago


  • Toru Honda 4 years ago

    oh this is so cool!!! Cactus blooms are gorgeous. :)

  • Lynn Brooks 4 years ago

    Hi Dani, I am not into cacti but I do have one which you have just identified for me. It's the stapelia. You are right about it being bad smelling, it's like rotting meat, but the flowers are amazing. You can easily miss them if not watching for them. They are a dark brown and most unusual. I have had mine for a bout 16 years now and mainly keep just because it is unusual.

  • Dragonic XD 4 years ago

    Nice collection, cactus are my favorite plants, I want to get a hold of a prickly pear cactus, the fruit is really good.

  • Paul Hoffman, Sr 4 years ago

    Comments from a 30 year cactus grower….first off, cacti have spines, not thorns. Second, the pots are extremely TOO BIG! When trying to root a very small cutting, a very small pot should be used, and the mix should be just barely damp. Third, commercial cactus soil is absolute junk. There should be very little organic material. In nature cacti rarely grow in high organic soil, most likely their habitat is composed of various sizes of inorganic material like sand, pebbles, with some leaf or grassy matter mixed in. I grow my cacti in 90-100% pumice with 0-10%. sieved coir to take. out the fibers. The first plant you used is suffering from etiolation of the top growth due to lack of sunlight. Cacti need far more light than orchids to grow properly, and generally don't do well on a bench in a shaded orchid house. I grow more than 900 South American cacti outside in the bright sun in Alabama. And, lastly, I think the last plant is Mammillaria geminispina, but I'm not into Mexican cacti.

  • Marie H 4 years ago

    Yey! I love cactus, i hope you'll post more like this. You've become so professional in video quality these last months. Great work!

  • MemeYto 4 years ago

    Cacti and orchids are an addicting mix

  • Purpoh 4 years ago

    That stapeliad looks like an Orbea variegata, although we won't know until it blooms! Awesome collection so far. Have a nice day Danny, wonderful video.

  • LevelD1985 4 years ago

    MissCactiGirl? :D

  • Diego Pineda 4 years ago

    I like the fuzzy little cacti. Looks so harmless and squishy. 🙂 you should grow some cacti that make fruit as well.

  • Kathleen Pacholski 4 years ago

    What a breath of fresh air with this video. I love Orchids but it was wonderful to see you focusing on the cacti. As always your videos are to the point, informative, interesting and a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. You always make my day!!!

  • kccc1209 4 years ago

    Hi Danny, I've grown cacti for years and find this website really helpful when it comes to anything related to cacti.

    When it comes to identification, you can either browse their photos or else go to the forums (Cacti Talk), where you can post photos and someone will usually i.d. the cactus for you. I've had great luck there as few of the nurseries around here sell small cacti with i.d. tags. Hope this helps — I've learned so much from watching your orchid videos that I'd like to think I've helped you a bit in return. Thanks, Eva

  • Mihaela Anghel 4 years ago

    eu am o rebutia cu flori galbene, care miros numai când sta în soare. nu știu dc se aplica și la al tău.

  • Stanley Gagner 4 years ago

    hope all you cacti root.

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