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  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago


  • LindbergFilms 7 years ago

    Can i use a? greenhouse to grow stuff like herbs fruits etc?

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    I know some have? used the blanket but I just like to use what is suited for growing.. good luck! and thanks for watching.

  • dinah259 7 years ago

    oh! I have a silly (but serious) question…I see you noted the importance of having a warming mat….I have an electric blanket (lol), and I was wondering if it would suffice as a warming tool….Yes, I’m really serious haha? 🙂

  • dinah259 7 years ago

    GREAT videos (especially for? a novice like myself)!! Thanks for all these uploads…I think I “favorited” them all! lol

  • jkoolful 7 years ago

    I like the use of a mini-sprayer instead of the cheaper, hand pump (window-cleaner)-type? sprayer.

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , thank you, I am like 14 behind on editing, so? yes they will be coming just must get in gear.,:)

  • TheJohnnyj61972 7 years ago

    Love your video keep the coming? thank’s!!!

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , Hey Jen, rosemary takes? a bit to germinate, but should happen provided they are getting warmth. I am hopeful this may have helped you , but everyone has there own way of growing.. have fun growing, a lot of trial and error and still for me sometimes . thanks for stopping by!

  • Jenslilhomestead 7 years ago

    Another great video and educational. I just planted some lemon seeds yesterday and some rosemary a coupla days ago. I think though it may still be too cold. I have them on the window sill right now as we have some wonderful sunshine even though its 55degrees here. ? Thanks fer sharing.

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , just locally here at a big box store..? there is different designs out.. hope you find one..;)

  • RocketCityGardener 7 years ago

    Where’d you get? your waterer?

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , it seems there is a few methods for working seeds, I have seen the winter sowing too, but I get such joy of seeing green indoors , especially when the winter months seem to hang on forever it seems, I have? heard of the ice cube method, but with me sticking too growing now as I must get a head start for the nursery.. let me know how that works with possibly a video ..:)

  • LARK KULIKOWSKI 7 years ago

    Yes, I will be starting seeds in March and using my ROLLING SHELF GREENHOUSE system which I have a video of. I am in Wisconsin so I need to wait until the days are starting to become longer and sunnier. This system eliminates hardening off plants that could have been started in the house. I might be starting some seeds that need the freezing method to germinate them. I have to read more about the ‘ICE CUBE’ method. Have? you heard of this? Smiles, Lark

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , thanks Mike..?

  • southfinest2541 7 years ago

    very? educational video thanks,,,Mike

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    What seeds do you have growing?? or going to grow , would love to hear? about it.

  • dianemummvideos 7 years ago

    , oh thank you Lark , just trying to help.. thanks? for tuning in today.. are you starting any seeds?

  • LARK KULIKOWSKI 7 years ago

    Hi Diane, You are a great motivator. Thank you for another great video. Smiles,? Lark