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  • Lathland 4 months ago

    "As the learned say – What's yours is mine and whats mine, is also mine."

  • Geoffrey Ganoe 4 months ago

    I hope you figured out that a starbase collects trade from its system without a trade hub. The building is used to collect from neigboring systems.

    Building weapons on your stations both increases trade protection in the system, it protects neighboring systems as well. Batteries extend the protection by one system, hangers extend protection by two systems.

  • Ahmadillo 4 months ago

    9:189:33 EA in a nutshell

  • Foreboding 4 months ago

    Communist robots please

  • Ranosian 4 months ago

    If you add Hangers to Trade Hubs they can protect to 1 system from the hub. No need for patrols

  • CryoDancer 4 months ago

    Is it because all Corporations are pricks?

  • joshua martinez 4 months ago

    Dear Cult of thorn I Emperor Sergei Drago Of The Reaper Imperium Offer my regards and a gift of 50 Billion Minerals and 50 Billion Energy… In exchange, I require a Tribute of one World…

    Failure to Do so will Result in The Declaration of extermantus upon Money marble and Your people


    Emperor Sergei Drago, The Immortal Emperor of the Reaper Imperium

  • Yondoth 4 months ago

    I wonder if all the DLC is gonna go on sale on Christmas Eve/Day?

  • Robert Lutece 4 months ago

    That perk that allows you to build on planets in other empires reminds me of Civ IV's corporations.

  • oscar word 4 months ago

    Don't you love alliteration?

  • Boshwag legit 4 months ago

    There need to be a robo soviet union play through

  • Mark O 4 months ago

    The Ruthless Conglomerate voice reminds me of the Epideme virus from Red Dwarf…

  • Crokus Lorn 4 months ago

    I like the change to speed demon makes it so you can use biological ascension

  • Bryce Rimmer 4 months ago

    What about drunk trading empires. Come on lath. How many times must I ask

  • Vidar Gidlund 4 months ago

    Still waiting for airship conqer the skies

  • willev 4 months ago

    Cash cacti the worlds doomed

    Can't wait for the screk playthrogh

  • Undead Phoenix 4 months ago

    My first game in the update. First 30 minutes i was learning how to play now. After that, i started to create plans.

    2 hours in a game, i'm surrounded. I can't leave my starting location and have only 6 planets. One side is blocked by enigmatic fortress, another by fallen empire.

    4 hours in a game, still surrounded. Luckily, same as i cant get out, nobody outside can't get in to me.

    6 hours in a game, i'm still surrounded, but my economics is same as biggest empires in a universe, even with my army fully constructed, since i focused on those planets i have, my economic is really good, centered around my capital world, and other worlds are still developing.

    8 hours in a game, i'm really tired. I have a plan how to break through, but i don't get techs i need for that. Demotivation +100, i leave the game.

    10/10 will someday resume that run and try to free myself. Maybe.

  • Gabriel Clark 4 months ago

    After playing as a megacorp a few times, I've found that AI don't really develop their colonies before founding new ones. Annoying, in that the new migration pull/push mechanics which should have allowed them to reach a decent size rather quickly instead results in a bunch of colonies averaging about 3 energy credits each to place branch offices on. The only way I've found that's effective is to bum rush everyone's homeworlds before other megacorps can get to them, which needs fanatic xenophile so I can guarantee everyone's independence in the early game to get enough trust for the commercial pacts. Incidentally, joining federation bad

  • PerfectDeath4 4 months ago

    Sectors only have a range of 2 connections. So, if you are trying to limit your sector numbers, picking a sector's starting system is important as that sets what is in range. Any other planets within that area belong to that sector but will not expand sector reach.

  • Lorde Castaneda 4 months ago

    Cult of Thorn? Hmmm, sounds reletively similar to Cult of Khorn. What are you plotting Lath?

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