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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Step One in my SEVEN STEP GARDEN DESIGN GUIDE – a DIY Garden Design Guide that will take you from ideas in your head to a PLAN of action! CLICK here for the Introduction Video:… —- This video looks in depth at finding ideas and inspiration for your very own backyard garden design. It is broken down into three sections: – Garden Styles – Activities & Features – Resources It’s a simple process to get the ball rolling and help you determine what you want to do in your backyard garden, what you want to see and what materials or garden design style you want to pair with your house. There are two main resource options available to you when sourcing ideas and inspiration for your backyard or garden. – Imagery: Videos or Photos – Reality: The physical world around you You rely on Imagery to get ideas from places you can’t physically go, while you rely on Reality to get a more in depth understanding on how different spaces and materials make you feel. Imagery is best found online. Design blogs, specialty sites, social media like Pinterest or Facebook, Youtube, or even just Google Images. Videos are also good resources because they show the garden in motion, and offer viewpoints you won’t get from still images. Getting ideas from Reality is very important. It gives you a better understanding of the size and scale of items – furniture, trees, plants, materials – and spaces – large, empty, isolating, cold or warm, inviting, mysterious, intimate. Using your body to measure a space will give you a much better idea of the kinds of dimensions you find comfortable and want to replicate in your garden. It also tells you what you don’t like, […]

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