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  • Ullimately 7 years ago

    You get agitated about something thats like that in every other program.
    You dont see the infinite plane in full but only as an area that goes over in a small triangular thingie.
    If you create a mountain / terrain though it has only a certain size. You have to make it bigger, bring it down so that the edges disappear in the infinite plane? or position the camera so that you cant see the edges.

  • Ullimately 7 years ago

    Thats fine. It is an infinite plane of which you can only see that part.
    When you render it you? see everything.

  • davidbrinnen 7 years ago

    Probably the easiest thing is to post here – but I can’t put links in comments… So I will edit the description and put a link? in for the forum.

  • raymond edwards 7 years ago

    Sorry, I have the screen shot but do I get it to you without an email?

    One other thing Mr Brinnen, when I am selecting an image ( in this case a tree) the image continually goes brown instead of red, and at that point I’m stumped, clearly I am doing something wrong
    Thank you

    Ray Edwards?

  • davidbrinnen 7 years ago

    I don’t know, that sounds? curious, if you post a screen shot on the Bryce Talk forum over at DAZ 3D, I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out what’s happening.

  • raymond edwards 7 years ago

    videos are good but I have one problem and its my floor!

    When I? open Bryce I only have a very small pyramid section of my floor rising from the bottom centre of the screen, can you help?

  • davidbrinnen 7 years ago

    There are free videos by myself on the Bryce tutorials site and if you are feeling flush, you could invest in the Bryce Mentoring DVD by Horo and myself, which provide not only the free selection of videos but additional videos and accompanying content as an aid to learning. DAZ 3D seem to have made a pigs ear of the postage costs to some countries so do be aware if the cost of postage? is unreasonably high, contact DAZ 3D and they said they will put it right. We have good feedback for DVD!

  • philippeback 7 years ago

    Mmh, interesting take with all? of those terrains. The DTE really looks and feels like a quite complex thing. But there is power in there. Any vids on it?

  • davidbrinnen 7 years ago

    Thank you Wuud52, you are welcome, don’t forget to check out the Bryce Tutorials site for yet more videos and tutorials by Horo, myself and many other Bryce artists.? If your interest is primarily related to using the latest version of Bryce 7.1 Pro then you’ll find those of Horo and myself the most pertinent. The flexibility of the software is it’s greatest strength and that it is by and large fun to use, but a modern computer is a prerequisite if you want to make the most of it.

  • Wuud52 7 years ago

    I was a Bryce 3 and 4 person but I have not touched it in a while. ? Thanks for this video, I am getting back into it.

  • davidbrinnen 7 years ago

    You are? welcome. Thank you for the feedback. Yes, Bryce is both flexible and underrated.

  • Avishk Mukhopadhyay 7 years ago

    This is really helpful. Also you have a pretty good knowledge in Bryce. I never thought Bryce is this flexible. Thanks? for sharing this.

  • davidbrinnen 7 years ago

    You are? welcome Cris33311, as time permits I will try and continue this series of tutorials – although it does take a surprisingly long time to record such a short film.

  • cris33311 7 years ago

    super . thank you? very much