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  • Veni Vidi Vici 2 years ago

    I hate the way news is presented. Especially local but national news blows too

  • iProdigy 2 years ago

    Lol how is this news lmaooo

  • jusdafide 2 years ago

    They look like water absorbing crystals. Look them up. Add some purple dyed water and viola. People use water absorbing crystals in the desert. They're added to soil to allow plants to drink from roots on the hottest days, because they hold water even in extreme heat. As the water is released to roots or evaporates, the crystals harden. Add water and they gel up again.

  • Maciej Borowy 2 years ago

    uhh they're just orbees that someone dumped on the ground. No real mystery here

  • Omfg!! They had to send this to a lab!!? I knew exactly what it was when I saw this..

  • Captain Haddock 2 years ago

    Mystery still not solved.

  • zac thompson 2 years ago

    why wouldnt these things be tested in a lab lol, thats what i wanna know, a husband speculated on the phone, but if it were any kind of mystery, that shit would have been sent and tested, just sayin. WHY wouldnt they ? just metioned it cause they have to play it off till the next 5 min story ?

  • Trollamollex 2 years ago

    First fucking thing I thought was it was some sort of product being shipped and for one reason or another the a part of the shipment was tossed. Stupid asses on the news, these ppl are suppose to be leagues ahead of me?

  • Jessica Parks 2 years ago

    They… Look… Strange.

  • Freedom Walker 2 years ago

    Alien eggs…

  • Nathan Dunlap 2 years ago

    orbeez lololol these people are stupid hahahahahaha their polymer balls wow hahahaha they need biologists and scientists and stuff

  • rapingpeterpan 2 years ago

    they are Orbeez toys

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