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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote January 2018 – USA, Arizona desert. Amazing video showing strange spherical sphere spotted by Police officers… Click here to read the complete article : Music – Dark Horror Cinematic Music by NCM Epic Music Tweets by freemusiceg16 Thanks to Chad for submitting the video to Section 51 ! For reporting UFO sightings all over the world and help continue the search for disclosure, you can email us your footage and photos or contact us on our Facebook page. – E-mail us your photos & footage : – Twitter : – Facebook : Subscribe to Section 51 ! Thank you. You can visit our store : Open your eyes, watch the sky with Section 51 ! Video Rating: / 5


  • christopher hennessey 1 week ago

    Two beings inside!

  • carolinafan2016 1 week ago

    A Alien Race have came too Earth but there's Aliens after them that's why all of these comets and sonic booms all over the world the world we live in is fighting for the Aliens that's have fled too the Earth! War of the World is on and we dont even know it!

  • mr seabass 1 week ago

    Sure…….why not

  • RebelMusic510 1 week ago


  • Jesus Casillas Haro 1 week ago

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Terry Tillman 1 week ago

    I witnessed this, St Elmo Alabama couple of months ago, it's real!

  • Robert Grenier 1 week ago

    Yeah……why was this not on the news?

  • staff puppy 1 week ago

    its a hot air balloon silly

  • Discoenex newway 1 week ago

    discoenex sents suns of love .

  • Eddie kirkman 1 week ago

    Is that real and if so what's it supposedly supposed to be because it's nothing like a space craft So with a question What they getting at It does look like a planet You know I'm not sure this is alien or is it Are they sending out signs in preparation for contact with us like the bible warns us about You know I've dreamed the other night about a human face turning triangular like an alien and thought then that aliens They're demons just like a lot of Christian people believe Very clear dream their face changed like a Michael Jackson thriller and I think They were laid down on their back when their face changed Real clear dream !!!!

  • art of war and peace 1 week ago

    Thats better

  • S Robertson 1 week ago

    Anybody notice the guy standing under it? Who is he???

  • Henry Trujillo 1 week ago

    This is the last technology from Mexicans crozing the border

  • Fedup Limes Low End Saga 1 week ago

    just one question, the cops that spotted this, are they ok? because I didnt see any cops. Usually something like this would bring more cops. Lots of em. Are these cops alright? I'm concerned now.

  • Craig Little 1 week ago

    I love watching vids like these. It really does make you think and wonder what else is out there, lol

  • Kariick Mel 1 week ago

    Que fait l'homme juste en dessous..???

  • المسيح هو الرب 1 week ago

    Nice cgi.

  • Ronnie Flores 1 week ago

    What did the USAF do?

  • Popular Uploads 1 week ago


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