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  • Gehenna71 7 years ago

    Hunny? Do you? see the grass in that spot dying? There must be something wrong. But no worries! I’ll digg it out and I can put a raised garden to hide the empty spot. You never know, maybe the grass disease in the soil, it is useless to put new grass …

  • SasieSpice 7 years ago

    i really like the planting in the tubs. i have major back issues and have had surgeries on my knees, so bending on? the ground is really hard for me. but tubs like that, i could put up on tables or something and grow food there.. thanks for the ideas!!

  • L2design 7 years ago

    you’ve inspired me to start? my garden nowwwwwww…love it..thank you for the info!!!

  • Mossy500A 7 years ago

    I will give this video a “like!” Nice garden, trying to get one started myself in Columbia, S.C. The heat here is? crazy!!

  • Thatminiaturesguy 7 years ago

    Hey guys… if you have any horse boarding facilities contact the manager/owner and ask to get some horse manure for your garden. 99% will say absolutely.

    I have two horses and I get 5 gal buckets for my dads? garden.

  • TheRebelpit 7 years ago

    sour clover? is very good in sallads!

  • Holger Danske 7 years ago

    The dahlia is edable,the flowers in a sallad,the roots as alternative to tatoes(doesnt taste as good)the red clay can crumble,just add kalcium,then the plants penetrate the soil and make better conditions slowely but can also use? garlic with the tomatoes,the smell have same affect.

  • mccrearyhomeschool 7 years ago

    The cheapest type of soil is the kind you make. Make a compost pile with 4′ fence panels. Divide into 2 equal sections. Insert drainage pipes with holes criss-crossed in 6″ intervals. USE ALL YOUR LEAVES FROM FALL LEAVES. ADD NITROGEN FROM EVERYBODY’S URINE (USE? A 5 GALLON BUCKET AND A CHEAP TOILET SEAT). ADD ALL YOUR VEGETABLE FOOD SCRAPS FROM COOKING OR THAT HAS GONE BAD IN THE FRIDGE. START ADDING TO ONE SIDE ALTERNATING INGREDIENTS. WHEN FULL ADD TO THE OTHER SIDE. ADD FROM THE FIRST.

  • smile4ania 7 years ago

    Awesome! Enjoyed the three categories as well.? May I ask what kind of soil you put in the Sterilites? Use the same for all? Thanks, you are a big help. Appreciate your witness as well.

  • tburke64 7 years ago

    I thought I was the only? one who used kiddy pools! Beautiful!

  • kambelzful 7 years ago

    Those yellow? flowers at 7:00 are Dahlias. 🙂

  • Alan Solingen 7 years ago

    Woohoo!!! I would rather use pots and a hydroponic media mixed with organics (for outside)? BUT to each his own…her own…whatever.

  • NESurvivalPrep 7 years ago

    Those nitrogen fixing clover things are also edible. They’re? kinda sour, but I like sour stuff, so…

  • ThePatriotNurse 7 years ago

    I plant companion plants (clover and vetch for nitrogen fixers) and also add and mix compost into the soil. Great question!?

  • Alan Solingen 7 years ago

    Question: What do you use? for fertilizers?

  • grassdi 7 years ago

    Just curious if you ever found out? what that nitrogen fixer was? regardless though thank you for the videos! All very helpful, truly a potential life saver.

  • grassdi 7 years ago

    Just curious? if you ever found out what that nitrogen fixer was? But regardless very helpful video, thank you for it!

  • TheBigpunn421 7 years ago

    huge clay problem here? in ny too…….taters hahahahah…..for bugs try ladybugs…..and too much nitrogen will kill roots…..also chicken poop and rabbit turd is great for garden….also compost is great for compost tea…. also you should get a rain catch for garden…and remember organic is best………..and watchout the string for a latace it can absorb water and cause mold…..but great info and hope garden went well..

  • 95TriggerHappy 7 years ago

    Are ? you in Alabama?

  • Beercan555 7 years ago

    Thanks for the video. You are? one of the best things on You Tube.

  • tigerlamb007 7 years ago

    The flower next? to your xmas lima beans in the front of your house are Dahlias:).

  • huguenot67 7 years ago

    Ma’am, you are a? very smart, practical lady. Thanks for the channel.

  • wbvmcgary 7 years ago

    Very good ideas, thank you. See ya? on BTR.. Respects, KyRain

  • govermentiseviel 7 years ago

    Move out of the city ! You will be one of the first to die when the shtf

  • AlcoholLevel 7 years ago

    if the soil is that bad try a raised garden… ordinary 2×10’s will work fine for the walls. Couple yards of topsoil is cheap enough.?

  • ipokeu3 7 years ago

    why apologies for the glasses. you picked a? good pair they look cute on you

  • SuperDagod1 7 years ago

    Crap she? has a wedding ring.

  • callijah61 7 years ago

    you’re right about people. we are surrounded by stupidity. i also agree with “purdybear”. being without? does open ones eyes.

  • SylvanusTheGreenMan 7 years ago

    You are a prepper mans dream girl! 😉
    Thanks for all? your information & God bless!

  • kparker1145 7 years ago

    Wolves hunt? in packs and are very communal. There’s no such thing as a lone wolf unless the wolf was exiled…

  • Nit3Sh4D3 7 years ago

    you made a very good point about the “lone wolf.” even with real wolves, the lone wolf is only “lone” because? it is outcast from its pack and would not survive near as well or as long then if it had the support of the pack. i think there is something to that.

  • newbirthing 7 years ago

    Any man who follows her guidelines while talking? to me can have whatever gun he want to buy. I’ll get him all the oatmeal and canned tuna he tells me to.

  • heirihunziker 7 years ago

    good point! there should be a prepping book out there? written by a woman, for woman. woman are by instinct highly protective of their kids but you need to get them into this by appealing to their gathering instinct (yay storing canned food is fun!), not the hunting instinct that guys appeal to with talking about guns and ammo etc.

  • weldrene 7 years ago

    great vid thanks. Im? getten ready

  • sambass951 7 years ago

    The way? I see it..The politicians created the problems. Law enforcement, the courts, and the military are the force behind the politicians. If the SHTF, they will act (right or wrong) as the politicians direct them to. The Constitution will become null and void and anyone trying to protect themselves, or refuses to comply with their orders will become a threat. The military and law enforcement will become the enemy of the (free) people as history has demonstrated.

  • Volkov556 7 years ago

    Here’s a question for you Patriot Nurse. My girlfriend loves to go shooting and enjoys the tactical shooting drills etc, BUT she thinks that prepping food and all that stuff is nuts. Any suggestions? there?

  • metalrulez4evr 7 years ago

    I tried to convince my girl to go to the gun range for over the first year of our relationship? with no result. I finally got her to go when I realized how much of a horror(particularly zombie) movie fan. So I bought some life sized zombie targets. Been hittin the range with her ever since! Psychology is an amazing thing.

  • Shao Prepper 7 years ago

    this is going 2 sound cold I dont mean it to come off that way..but some people r going 2 b cannon fodder..they r not prepared..wont get prepared? because they live in denial (mentally they will jello when this does happen) we can only try to educate if they choose not 2 learn & grow from that its all she wrote for them..again going 2 sound cruel here but we need sorta need a bit of death…we try so hard 2 save everyone but we r crowding the planet.. mother natures way of “thinning the herd”

  • onebigkahuna69 7 years ago

    EXACTLY!!! I call that a personal SHTF situation and it happens every day.I just commented on this on another page last night.I was thinking about how many jobs are lost daily and thought if you had food on hand and you had to go to a reduced income with your unemployment check wouldn’t it be better if you could take out of? that the budget for food.?

  • 88musicluv 7 years ago

    Wow your telling my? story…Approach…gotta get that part down…Approach got it!

  • Silas Namara 7 years ago

    Write a survival book! My sister would definitely listen to you but not me when it comes to SHTF, and my brother in law is a good for nothing up the yin yang? leftist hippie

  • Aynarchist 7 years ago

    I always love the unique perspective you offer. Unusual for the youtube prepper community, and nice to hear. When I get burned out looking at guys in tactical vests with an AR-15 talking about? patriotic duty and conspiratorial governments, I listen to you. Thanks for your contribution to the community!

    Also, I like the glasses.

  • jennpower1 7 years ago

    Another suggestion to bring females online with prepping is to have a similar convo to what ThePatriotNurse suggests and then for men to ask, “On Sunday Afternoon (or whenever you get coupons in your community), can we sitdown together and clip? coupons for things on the grocery list.”

    That way you can get some two for one deals, extra food in the house, and for women who are worried about the impacts of prepping to their food budgets, it releives their fears.

  • Salekdarling 7 years ago

    I have the same problem! My husband thinks nothing? can go wrong in society. He lets me do my thing with prepping and just shakes his head at me.

  • BR98133 7 years ago

    Wise advice! This should? be listed as one of the top five prepping vids of all time. It is prepping 101 mindset for any new prepper with loved ones. Type A personalities give this a listen. Thanks!

  • Ursle Bush 7 years ago

    Why was your front closet open? the whole time it kinda creeped me out!

  • SexyWhittyKitty 7 years ago

    My husband and I enjoy your videos- keep it up! I just wanted to add: too many women, for whatever reason, don’t realize that even if their man doesn’t shower them with roses, jewelry, etc., doesn’t mean that they don’t love them. MEN often SHOW that they LOVE us by what they? DO for us. Fortunately, I do realize this, AND he tells me often. Closing in on year 6 of the honeymoon….

  • LIBRAMAN2009 7 years ago


  • CCBradley777 7 years ago

    How? about the total oposit situation? What about the brain washed male and the female that’s interested in Prepping? Would you go the gun/tactical route? Hunny I want to learn how to protect myself prehaps….

  • aaronscrewme 7 years ago

    Wow this was helpful! “200lb militia men…” ALAHAHAHAHAH! I? like your personality.