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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote ( Using this glass fish bowl terrarium we created a unique centrepiece that requires very little maintenance. The trick? Handy kitchen tongs! They make it super easy to place the cacti and succulent without getting painful spines in your hands along the way. 🌵 Let’s start from the beginning. Add charcoal or rocks to the bottom of your terrarium, as a catch all for the excess water. You don’t want cacti sitting with wet roots, nothing makes them more upset. After the rocks we added a layer of sand, then soil, then more sand. Into this well crafted base we placed our first cacti (using the handy-dandy tongs) and making sure it was stable before adding the next. Once all the plants were placed we could fill in the empty spaces in between with fanciful stones or sand, creating playful colours in the terrarium. As an added touch we chose a raw amethyst stone, but you can personalize the cacti terrarium with your own ideas. —- Not sure about a terrarium? We’ve got a great video for building your own cacti and succulent container planter centrepiece as well. Watch it over here: Or get creative with a bird bath and turn it into an overflowing Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel here on youtube for DIY videos, inspiration and eye-candy for gardeners! ♥️ RESOURCES || LINKS ♥️ 🌸 More DIY + beautiful videos on our channel – 🌱 Our blog with tips + inspiration – 🤔 Ask your questions on facebook – 📸 Get inspired on instagram – 💌 Email us – – Video Rating: / 5

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  • Diane Price 1 month ago

    I have a fish bowl and would like to do this but I thought you had to have a drainage hole.?

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