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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote **Correction: Tee plant I said was ‘Little village’ is ‘Crassula Little pagoda.’ Greetings from the garden city of India!!! Welcome to another page in The Desert Plant diary. I’m happy to share with you the succulent collection at home in this video. I hope you enjoy it, fall in love with the beautiful, awe inspiring plants and get inspired to start or continue a collection of your own. I wish you the energy and creativity to get out in the garden today and start gardening. Get your plant Mojo on!!! Video Rating: / 5


  • mandys tropicals 7 months ago

    nice collection just joined your channel

  • Yolanda C 7 months ago

    Nice collection. 3:57 looks like jade of some sort.

  • Ericsson erick 7 months ago

    Hey Carl I love your collection brotha.

  • 다육아 7 months ago

    You've grown it beautifully.

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