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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote How to create a gorgeous succulent garden on a budget with donated plants, harvested rock from around the property and left over topdressing. We chose plants that thrive on only rain water, so no irrigation to worry about either! It’s Your Succulent Tip of the Day! With Laura Eubanks at Design for Serenity Video Rating: / 5


  • Elizabeth Ball 1 year ago

    Thank you for the ideas! Laura, what is the approximate size of that area? My goodness, the cost of soil can add up! (I was the one that posted the picture on Facebook with the 10 bags of cactus mix soil last week!)

  • Samantha Wright 1 year ago

    Love watching everything you do! I'm over in Australia and I'm terrible at design but iv gotten some lovely ideas for my small areas. They won't look so boring anymore!

  • Iza Szydlowska 1 year ago

    That agave is magnificent – I have never seen anything like it! Makes it look like a very expensive installation!

  • Dawn Pleasant 1 year ago

    The agave is spectacular! Thanks for the tips. Does this property get frost at all in winter?

  • Drel 1 year ago

    That is agave guiengola 😀 whale's tongue is the common name for agave ovatifolia

  • Monica 1 year ago

    Good tip of the day! its was great!

  • maria villarreal 1 year ago

    Were are you laura….no vidios

  • Patt Takeuchi 1 year ago

    Enjoyed you at Succulent Gardens this weekend. My daughter follows you on YouTube and wanted to see you. You were so enjoyable, brave (in how you approach the plants) and innovative. I am now a fan!

  • Sherry Dee 1 year ago

    Wow! Color me jealous!

  • Patty Marshall 1 year ago

    Awesome job. You are great.

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