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  • Julieta Parfitt 4 months ago

    Nice yard im filipina here in philippines i saw lot of ur vedio

  • Frances Coss 4 months ago

    Hi Marija, It was fun to see your plants in your yard! Are your hosta bothered by the bright sun? WHEN you move, would you be interested in creating a video of HOW you move your plant collection? The task seems daunting and really complicated with all that you have. My local LOWES has cacti succulents 20% off, so I bought 2. They are unusual and different. What is left in the store are common and in poor conditions. Just FYI, if your Lowes has the same promotion!

  • Holly Hasegawa Nielson 4 months ago

    Oh my goodness, so many beautiful succulent and cacti, I love how yours grow outside, the only one I can leave outside is the hen and chicks. I love the landscaping of your yard. Thank you so much for sharing this was such a fun video.

  • The Desert Plant Diary 4 months ago

    Hi Marija! Could the Euphorbia at 9.02 because fruticosa? Looks a bit like it. Your Euphorbia collection is so desirable and the one you called Enopla is massive!!! I got one that's litearally the size of a toe. Haha. I love him all the same. Thank you for sharing your plants with us Marija. From the garden city of India to you, have a blest weekend. Cheerio.

  • Jane Vt. 4 months ago

    I’m always afraid when I bring plants out for the summer that when I bring them indoors in the fall that I will bring ants into the house. What do you do for your plants in this regard? Thanks!

  • Joyce Shelby 4 months ago

    Your yard is beautiful. I was wondering how many hours of direct sun your Euphorbia get. They are beautiful.

  • yalper 4 months ago

    I really like your euphorbia collection. May I ask you a question? I also have white ghost and mammillaris variegata types, they are painfully slow growing on my balcony. So how often you water them and feed them? What to do to see some new growth on them?

  • Terry Klemesrud 4 months ago

    Thanks for the tour of your yard…everything looks terrific!!

  • Jan Alexander 4 months ago

    Very pretty yard.

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