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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Just a quick tour in mid July to show how the food forest is doing. Most of the plants were planted in 2016 and 2017. Etsy Plant Store – Video Rating: / 5 In this video I give an short tour of some of the interesting things going on during the winter in my central Arizona desert permaculture-ish garden (zone 8). I also fertilize/water my garden with EM1 Microbial Inoculant I had brewed out from concentrate: #azgarden #permaculture #organicgardening *** HELLO FRIENDO! I’m excited to get to know you. Want to know me? 1) Like, comment, and subscribe: Let me know where you are watching from! 2) Follow me on Instagram: @supersensitivehuman (Insta is my favorite social media. Feel free to leave a DM and let me know you’re a subscriber. This is somewhat better than email as I can get a sense for who you really are.) 3) You may also send mail and inquiries to 4) Check out my writing on my blog: I have a mailing list to alert you of new posts. I WOULD LOVE YOUR $ $ $ UPPORT. HERE ARE A FEW WAYS: 1) Support for FREE! by dragging this Amazon link into your browser bar favorites and using it every time you make a purchase. I will receive a percent of your purchase: 2) Paypal donation: 3) Donate Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin: 13qmZZV78K7ZciYyUQb3S9eS2u7jmaSb9L Ethereum: 0x9F4c6025c8533C7d97D4A528DB0354ae2206Cf2c Litecoin: Le7mDLGDyHwbq3hdnCNjhbkGndKKHEpAgBv Video Rating: / 5


  • J Lu 1 year ago

    Cana frankincense tree be grown in a container?It will not let me subscribe to your channel and I do not know why

  • Garry Cole 1 year ago

    Wow, I am truly impress with your mango, I have several for 3 years and never had one fruit that hanged on. Actually you are the only one beside Jay Barringer that I have known to have actual mangoes. I am so Jealous of your Longan, I have had one for 3 years and baby it more than my own kids and this year one, yes just ONE fruit. I am crossing my fingers because it is the first fruit that has hanged on. Your Loquat looks great too by the way, mine well all the leaves are crispy now and I am shading it with 70% shade cloth in kind of a square tent too. I get kind of disappointed this time of year when I see gardens like yours, but I will keep on trying. Are you doing anything special in terms of your tropicals like feeding them differently than your other trees?

  • rafiqa11 1 year ago

    just beautiful. the diy projects are the best..i bit into one of my olympian prolific, and it was hollow on the inside, slightly dry. i,m thinking i should have watered it more.

  • Tim Brown 1 year ago

    I must have missed the store info and location, where can I find it?

  • Du Truong 1 year ago

    thanks nice to see your garden on August

  • j gardens 1 year ago

    How long has the wellspring guava been in the ground?

  • AS U 1 year ago

    Thank you, great as always!!

    What do you do to keep mosquitos and ants out of your yard?

  • V. Renee Harvey 7Lotus.Spirit7 1 year ago

    What about the locals, can we purchase or pick up from you

  • Cheryl’s Organic Food Forest 1 year ago

    Just wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  • Duarte Moura 1 year ago

    Beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gotell Yomamma 1 year ago

    Beautiful. Your hard work is paying off.

  • Dave Davis 1 year ago

    I like how you utilize the stock pond, I’ve been using a water can with the fish fertilizer your method is more efficient, and it probably is a nice place for bees and birds to drink. Thank you for this video.

  • Adam Mac 1 year ago

    Have you considered a "worm tower" for all the dog poop, and your compost pile,,,,in a heath energy situation like yours, it will save a lot of physical energy output,,,,, nice garden

  • bucky 1 year ago

    I'm curious. Have you tried a pure carnivore diet with just meats and salt, and if so what was your experience?

  • Kyle Man 1 year ago

    How do you like living in rim rock?

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