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  • FreeSpeech FreeSpeech. 2 years ago

    i never grown grapes.
    i moved to a houes with two old vines lots of bunches on it..
    in the green house.
    you tips very useful.

  • milan guevarra 2 years ago

    this is so wow amazed me sharing your great idea like me who are now starting my 1st summer grape grower in my small yard here in my warm country . thank you sir george…the message will inspires me. hope you have more videos share some tips that can help like me a late grower! GodBless you

  • 50 shades of green 2 years ago

    good day George !! thanks for the advice and information on how to give summer pruning and maintenance of your desert grape vine !! thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences and as always happy gardening !!

  • Jen from Cornwall 2 years ago

    Bella Margarita , good tune x

  • stevebrighton42 2 years ago

    Hi George,

    Thanks for these last two videos on grape vines, my main one is bearing well this year and I was wondering if it needed any summer maintenance… Well now I know, your timing could not have been better! Your advice is simple and clear as always, I would be curious to hear your advice on Runner Beans especially if you have any information on increasing pollination. I know it's early days, but i'm only getting one or two beans setting on each bunch of flowers… That said I always get anxious about my runners (they're my favourite thing to grow) yet they generally produce enough to eat and freeze…

    Kind regards as always


  • Steve Knight 2 years ago

    George have you seen many grapes grown in containers successfully? l am attempting it

  • Ant's Allotment 2 years ago

    Great info to take on board for when I decide to get a grape vine

  • Susiezuzu 2 years ago

    Thanks George, Great advise on grape vines. Mine is young yet but I will use this info as it gets older:) Susie

  • Becca 2 years ago

    Good info. I hear growing a grape in the greenhouse helps with shading the other plants. I didn't know about planting the root outside. Great tip. I will try this. Thanks.

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