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  • Nancy Thompson 4 years ago

    I liked your responses to the questions. You seem to have diverse knowledge of numerous top is such as kombucha and fluoride. I use tea tree essential oil as first aid for my 5 angora goats on their nicks after shearing or hoof trimming. Thank you for sharing.

  • Chris Hughes 4 years ago

    Can you do a video on how to make Kombucha?

  • Wise Student 4 years ago

    I once made a garden near Kingman..I added compost to the sandy soil and hac a nice crop of tomatoes and corn..  People didn't know what corn looked like.

  • sentimentalbrowneyes 4 years ago

    My eye doctor told me that I see better with contacts since I can utilize my peripheral vision with them.  I know that aromatherapy works since Bubble & Bee Organic and Healing-Scents have been my go to places for toxin free products. Trains and planes do help with local economy so they don't bother me.

  • plum2u 4 years ago

    How many acres do you live on?

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