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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] A broken down dirt bike provides the scenario for surviving in the Sonoran Desert. Created by Les Stroud Starring Les Stroud Video Rating: / 5


  • Amonoyos12321 6 days ago

    My man les doin right with that kawasaki

  • David Pringle 6 days ago

    Toasted grasshoppers. YUMMY!

  • Brandon Miller 6 days ago

    Thank you so much for uploading these. I absolutely loved this show while it was on Discovery and could watch these a million times

  • Arthurtats 6 days ago

    i love this show, but lets be honest, he's basically camping and not surviving

  • Deniz Øzbek 6 days ago

    Drinking water to feel full. So basically, if you should be there or a month, you would starve to death. Calling it survival. Yeah, right.

  • JR Stewart 6 days ago

    We call them Javelina in AZ. Thanks alot for posting.

  • robonez 6 days ago

    Killer stuff as always! m/ And a good Steve Irwin-parody as well!!! 😀

  • Justin Thompson 6 days ago

    Hey people this is not les uploading this stuff!!!!

  • Justin Thompson 6 days ago

    So you spent 10+ hours hiking to that water….you said 5+ miles there,then back for camera then back to the water there…at normal walking gate it would be 7ish but through hills and dessert easily 1.5-2.5x that

  • Justin Thompson 6 days ago

    Just make a damn fire bow much easier

  • Pete's Vlogs 6 days ago

    I love this video thanks Les!

  • Ken Brooks 6 days ago

    When it comes to grasshoppers, you want to cook them low and slow for fall-off-the-carapace tenderness.

  • Louie del Carmen 6 days ago

    One of the best docu/info series ever made. Hall of fame. Thank you for giving us your best Les Stroud!!

  • Sam Dunes 6 days ago

    Too many ads

  • Just Music 6 days ago

    I live in that god forsaken place; I don't think I've ever once stumbled upon a random stream of water lol.

  • Gui Antonioli 6 days ago

    40:40 Did he just troll Bear Grylls here? Lol

  • Tedzilla 6 days ago

    Why didn't you eat the BIG one that you cut the stinger off of?

  • jordan hess 6 days ago

    thank you so much, this is really cool of you…..I am loving this right now !

  • Anthony Terry 6 days ago

    I miss Steve…

  • Gui Antonioli 6 days ago

    15:59 survivorman featuring Austin Powers.

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