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COMPOST, Pollinators, Raised Beds | Miracle Haven Garden | Phoenix, Arizona | Part 5

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Kaye shares Kristi's Miracle Haven Garden where she specializes in pollinators and compost in Phoenix, Arizona in Part 5. Download a FREE ebook at http://www.latebloomershow.com. BECOME A P...

$3,480 Landscaping Garden Beds Demolition | How I Use YouTube To Document Quotes | $1,500 DAY RATE

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,480 Landscaping Garden Beds Demolition & How I Use YouTube To Document Quotes | ,500 DAY RATE Saturday LANDSCAPING Quotes - With KEITH KALFAS | Raise Your Prices & Be Willing to Walk AWAY ...

Planting tire beds with monsoon crops : Az urban gardening

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Today I'm working on planting seeds in tire beds where I lost plants from when we were gone on our last trip! These are monsoon crops! ↓↓↓ More Links Below! ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓ CHECK US OUT IN OTHER PL...

Planting “the 3 sisters” in sunken beds in the Arizona desert – Phase 1

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"The 3 sisters" is an age old way of planting 3 crops that mutually benefit one another and save you on space! You plant corn and then once it is about 12-18 inches tall you plant beans at t...

Gardening Done Right Ultimate Vegi Beds

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This customer lives in the rural high desert of Southern California and tries to grow as much of her food as possible. She had a professional build this really awesome pair of growing beds. ...

Spring planting in my sunken waffle beds in Arizona desert garden

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If you haven't checked out the 2 videos in the card (link in the upper right corner of the video in the circle) about me prepping these beds you have to go check them out. I have learned so ...

How to Weed Garden Landscape Beds

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http://www.landdesigns.com/blog What is the most efficient way to weed your gardens. Expert landscape designer John Holden shows you how to weed your gardens with minimum effort and maximu...

Chihuahuan Desert Adobe Home with Plants, Cactus, and Hugelkultur Zucchini Beds

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Shows some marigolds, ice plants, Thompson and Cattle Tongue Cactus, along with a small, experimental garden area experimenting using the Hugelkultur technique. What's so interesting is that...

My Garden Tour – Phoenix, Arizona 2015 – GARDEN & Raised Beds

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My Garden Tour - Phoenix, Arizona 2015 - GARDEN & Raised Beds. You all have been asking me for a long time to post a tour of my home garden. Here is the garden tour! This is my edible lan...

Raised Garden Beds – Vegetable Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

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This is my backyard vegetable garden in Phoenix, AZ. - Lettuce, Jalapenos, Peppers, Cilantro, Broccoli, Cabbage, Radishes, Oregano, etc. It is constructed with 2" x 8" pine boards. Althoug...

How To Prepare Raised Garden Beds for the Winter

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In this video, I show how I'm prepping my raised beds for the winter. It's important to prep your raised beds to prevent the valuable nutrients from leaching out of the bed. Video Rating: 4...

Spring Tour & New Raised Beds

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The indoor garden is getting ready to move outdoors! We have 60

Raised garden beds in the desert – Our Arizona raised gardens October 2010

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Here is some video of our Arizona garden. These are are raised garden beds that are 20' x 3' x 18" & 10' x 3' x 18". We have planted many plants and herbs su... Video Rating: 5 / 5

Organic Las Vegas Desert Garden – Raised Beds – May 24th 2011

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I wanted to post a quick video update to show you what's been happening in my garden. On February 15th, I started almost everything from seed in my house und... Video Rating: 4 / 5 ...

Garden Update – Soil Prep for the garden beds

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This year I decided to mix a blend of manure's and soil together to enhance the garden beds. I have Cow, Horse and Alpaca manure, mixed with some garden soil purchased from the garden center...