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Sonoran Desert: A Violent Eden – National Geographic VHS

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This film is the property of National Geographic and all of its respective parties. Video Rating: / 5

Soil testing for a Back to EDEN Garden in the DESERT

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The start up for the garden is close. Before we really get going, we want to know what we're starting with. It will be interesting to see how the soil progresses and heals as we begin our ga...

How I apply deep mulch : Back To Eden garden : low desert (Arizona)

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If you want to garden in the desert OR do the Back To Eden method...deep mulch, deep mulch, deep mulch! ↓↓↓ More Links Below! ↓↓↓ ABOUT US: We are Elizabeth & Joe! She's a Realtor and he is...

The power of mulch in the desert even in small amounts – Back to Eden garden method

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I wanted to show that worms DO live in the super hot desert soil LOL as many think they cannot survive the heat. Provide shade and moisture via mulch and you will have happy worms in your de...

St. George Utah, spring 2017 back to eden desert garden.

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My first attempt with the wood chips. For the last few years I've been adding organic mulch from the county landfill. The darker material is the mulch, and the light/white is the wood chip...

Garden tour post trip! Overdue update! Desert Gardening, Back to Eden style

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Post trip garden tour! Winter crops poppin!!!! ↓↓↓ More Links Below! ↓↓↓ ABOUT US: We are Elizabeth & Joe! She's a Realtor & LuLaRoe Consultant and he is a Field Service Engineer for hospit...

The Phoenix – Garden Of Eden / LSD

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I know nothing about The Phoenix, but this an acid MP3 I found randomly many years ago. If you know anything about this artist, please comment below! The other songs that I kept from them a...

Desert Garden Tour – Back to Eden Style – Desert Homestead

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I think it has been over 2 weeks since I've shown you around. There is much to see, come along! ↓↓↓ More Links Below! ↓↓↓ ABOUT US: We are Elizabeth & Joe! She's a Realtor and he is a Medic...

Results sheet mulching in the desert : Permaculture : Desert Gardening : Back to Eden

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I was blown away! The sheet mulching project is 11 mths old, irrigation was added 6 mths ago! The weeds came in 4 mths ago! ↓↓↓ More Links Below! ↓↓↓ ABOUT US: We are Elizabeth & Joe! She's...

New Plans, Ecofarms, Demonstration Gardens, Desert Gardening & Back to Eden Gardening

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This is a long talk and bless you if you make it through the whole thing but I wanted to share some new revelations I've had very recently about gardening, gardening methods, homesteading, p...

Desert Garden (back to eden style) after 1 wk with NO WATER!

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Checking back in on the garden after a week away from home. No more traveling until Thanksgiving so I'll be spoiling everything from here on out! Things are shockingly well. I treated for in...

Popular Videos – Auckland & Eden Park

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Harem Scarem – Garden of Eden (Live at The Phoenix – Official Audio)

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"Garden Of Eden" is taken from the 2CD/DVD, Blu-Ray, and MP3 release, LIVE AT PHOENIX. Order HERE: http://radi.al/HaremScaremLive iTunes: http://radi.al/HaremScaremLiveiTunes Amazon: http://...

The High Desert Garden of Eden – at Home Gardening

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Some people say "Feed the soil, feed the plants." I believe this to be true. When you feed the soil, you're feeding all the living microbes and worms within the soil. Youtube Channel: htt...

Back to Eden Orchard Expansion

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If you are offended by Christian themes and Bible verses, please do not watch this video. If you have never seen the back to eden documentary, this video wil... Video Rating: 4 / 5 ...