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Front yard makeover |Ryan & Havilah Gee |Central Texas Gardener

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Ryan and Havilah Gee had the typical grass and foundation shrub front yard. Not their style. When their oak trees fell to oak wilt disease, they worked with land designer Elizabeth McGreevy ...

Tips from the UC Master Gardener Program to prepare, plant and grow your fall vegetable garden!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UCMasterGardeners/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/UCMasterGarden Learn about what is happening in gardens across California during the fall vegetable gard...

Golden Barrel cactus |Daphne Richards |Central Texas Gardener

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See how to grow photogenic golden barrel cactus, Daphne’s Plant of the Week. Our question comes from a viewer who sent us pictures of her troubled grapefruit and Mexican plum trees. Video R...

2019 Secret Gardener Seed Challenge… You Don't Want to Miss This!

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Announcing the 2019 Secret Gardener Seed Challenge! Check out this awesome 6-channel collaboration and find out how you can join in on the fun! Check out the participating channels below and...

Drought Tolerant: What Does That Mean? | Daphne Richards | Central Texas Gardener

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Daphne explains what “drought tolerant” really means and when to move citrus plants in containers or in garden beds. Find out why to plant native ornamental grass Lindheimer muhly. Video Ra...

Drought garden design| Christy Ten Eyck |Central Texas Gardener

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With offices in Phoenix and Austin, Landscape architect Christy Ten Eyck understands water-resourceful designs. In her new home garden in Austin, she renovated its footprint to catch water, ...

Mystery Seeds on the OFF-GRID HOMESTEAD | Secret Gardener Seed Challenge Video 1

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We received some mystery seeds in the mail! We're going to need your help in identifying them. This is the first video in a multi-channel collaboration, on seeds and gardening. Join us on th...

Tsukahara and Starkey native plant garden design|Central Texas Gardener

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In their garden renovation to a low-water native plant design, Bobbie Tsukahara and Gil Starkey wanted to attract the three B's: butterflies, birds, and bees. Working with Judy Walther and T...

Drought Tolerant Plants | Volunteer Gardener

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Troy Marden ponders a plant palette that will still survive in that spot down by the mailbox that is hard to water as needed. Plants profiled: Gaillardia (blanket flower) 'Oranges and Lemons...

Gardener at work at Zaabeel Palace in Dubai 16.02.2018

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Our OFF-GRID Garden Troubles | Secret Gardener Seed Challenge Video 2

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How is our off-grid garden faring? Find out in the long awaited sequel to the Secret Gardener Seed Challenge. Check out the entire playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLij...

Front Yard Courtyard Food, Art, Wildlife |Austin Neal |Central Texas Gardener

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When Austin Neal moved to Austin, he dug in feet first into new garden territory. Starting from scratch in a barren lot, he livened things up with a front courtyard filled with food and drou...

How to start landscaping with Localscapes® | Modern Gardener

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Localscapes® is all about more fun and less yard work! An initiative of the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, Localscapes is an innovative approach to landscaping for Utah's unique c...

Desert willow problems |Daphne Richards |Central Texas Gardener

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Is this desert willow troubled? Get Daphne’s answer and how to grow these drought tough small trees.Her Plant of the Week, Big Red sage (Salvia penstemonoides), is a butterfly and bee perenn...

Arizona Desert Gardener – How to Plant in Containers Sunken into the Ground

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How to Plant in Containers Sunken into the Ground, I watch many Video's some I do not even understand. That does not prevent me from watching what others do and learning something. To...