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What to expect when you return to The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

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We look forward to seeing you soon! With 80 acres of outdoor space to explore, you are free to social distance while enjoying over 55 gorgeous gardens and visiting the nearly 500 unique dese...

Will This Plant Return to Life in 3 Hours?

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According to the package, this plant will return to life in only three hours! It turns out this claim is completely true. However, the plant was alive the whole time. Selaginella lepidophy...

Return from vacay, desert garden tour & update 07/01/16

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Back from 1 week on the road and in Arkansas to go pick up my younger son and now we are all home, on the farm! I returned to some ok things, good things and a few bad things. I go over them...

Deserts and the life there | Places from where there is no return | Desert Life | Part 2

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Learn about the largest deserts on Earth, plants and animals that live in deserts, what polar deserts are and a wide range of other cool facts and trivia. De... Video Rating: 5 / 5