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Poisonous plants of the Sahara part 1 – Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp Morocco

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In this video, Bobo describes the poisonous plant known as Calotropis Procera. Calotropis grow all over southern Morocco and are quite distinctive. However, as Bobo explains, the plant is po...

Sahara Resurrection Plant

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The miracle plant

Deadly Oasis In The Sahara Desert | Africa | BBC

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These Swallows superb sense of direction take them to a much needed ocean of blue amongst the desert but on closer inspection, not is all at it seems. Taken from Africa. Subscribe to BBC E...

Libyan Sahara Water from the Desert – The Secrets of Nature

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"Bahr Belá Má", "Waterless Sea", as the Sahara is called by the Bedouins. But deep beneath the dune fields and stone deserts expands an immeasurable reservoir of water resources. Using enorm...

Vegetation of Sahara Desert

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Useful for CBSE, ICSE, NCERT & International Students Grade : 7 Subject : Geography Lesson : Natural Vegetation and wild life Topic: Vegetation of Sahara Desert The Sahara desert is spars...

Arabian Music – The Sahara Desert

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Arabian music about the burning sands of the Sahara Desert. This music is called The Sahara Desert. We hope you enjoy it! *** This great desert picture was done by apdesign https://www.sh...

Snow Has Fallen In SAHARA – Pictures LOOK Incerdible! MUST WATCH!

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Snow in the sahara desert photos Snow in the Sahara Desert captured in a set of amazing photos Credit: Karim Bouchetata/Geoff Robinson There's Very Little More Captivating Than Snow On The ...

Sahara: A desert winter

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Although most people think of the Sahara as a vast, sandy open expanse, it offers many surprises to those intrepid enough to visit. The Sahara has its own winter season: the parched lands an...

The Sahara Desert

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This video is a brief introduction to the Sahara Desert. It includes basic facts and figures about the Sahara including climate, animals, and plants. Video Rating: / 5

NASA animation shows how dust from the Sahara desert fertilizes plants in the Amazon rainforest

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The Sahara desert, the world’s largest desert, fertilizes the Amazon rainforest, also the world’s largest, according to atmospheric scientist Hongbin Yu, the lead author of a study by NASA’s...

Animals and Plants of the Sahara Desert

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A video with information about the animal and plant life of the Sahara Desert. Video Rating: / 5

Traveler- Sahara live (2013)

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Traveler performing On the Sahara at the Desert Botanical Gardens, Music in the Gardens concert series. 9/27/2013.

Sahara desert trek with Charity Challenge

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Find out more about this Trek at www.charitychallenge.com or for Canadians at www.charitychallenge.ca With this Trek you can uncover the epic views and fasci... Video Rating: 5 / 5 ...

The Sahara Desert in North Africa in the 1960’s. Film 9442

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The Sahara Desert. Life in various parts of the Sahara Desert in north Africa, especially Morocco. Footsteps and a man's shadow on desert ground; the feet ki... Video Rating: 0 / 5

African beetles beat the heat in the Sahara desert – BBC wildlife

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Enter the amazing and surprising world of the Namib Desert. This, alongside other African deserts, where water is an unexpected source of energy. When the ra...